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Employee Engagement: HR Tips to Motivate and Inspire Employees

Employee engagement makes a night-and-day difference in the culture and performance of a company. Work-life balance is impossible when employees feel miserable and unappreciated. When workers are motivated and energized, it’s easier to solve problems. Engaged employees feel like they’re doing a good job and making a difference. According to Gallup’s State of the Global […]

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People Over Policy: HR’s Vital Role in Employee Engagement

How do you turn your workforce into the best trailblazing problem-solvers in the galaxy? Jean Luc Picard said it best: “Engage!” Employee engagement is more powerful than caffeine, and you can imagine how much your whole office would struggle without coffee. Engagement means feeling connected with the company mission, coworkers, and clients. More than 60% […]

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Using HR Surveys to Create a Culture of Employee Feedback

HR surveys can be a powerful tool for Human Resources, but many employees have good reasons to be skeptical. When used correctly, routine surveys can identify problems and open up new channels for communication and accountability. Discover how to use HR surveys to strengthen the culture in your workplace. How are employee surveys conducted? Some […]

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