Top Reasons Why Your Company Needs to Use Employee Scheduling Software | Netchex

Employee scheduling software is quickly becoming indispensable workplace technology. If you’re still doing business the old-fashioned way—sending an email or submitting a paper request for time off—then you are hindering your business and employees.

Like other HR technologies, employee scheduling software makes better use of your staff and the limited hours in each workday. When integrated with payroll software and accurate time & attendance, scheduling software can yield even better results.

Here are just a few of the reasons your company needs to use employee scheduling software:

Save time and effort

Traditional scheduling, managing hours, and tracking paid time off (PTO) creates an unnecessary hassle and time loss for everyone. With the right scheduling software, all employees can easily:

  • View their schedule
  • Review hours
  • Submit changes
  • Request time-off

Adapt to sudden scheduling changes
With the right solution, problems are easier to overcome. Key workers will continue to call in sick and clients will request last-minute projects, but your business can be more agile in its response.

The faster you can rearrange schedules, the faster the team can get back on track. Employee scheduling software makes it easy to see which employees:

  • Are available
  • Are already scheduled
  • Requested time off
  • Approaching overtime

Ensure accurate staffing levels on all shifts

Between miscommunications and last-minute absences, it’s often hard to know when you’re going to be understaffed. Employee scheduling software is updated in real-time online, so anyone’s changes are immediately visible.

Prevent under- and over-scheduling with clearly organized and up-to-the-minute data. Sort employees by name, department, and positions to make sure you have the right scheduling numbers for a balanced shift.

Reduce scheduling errors and conflicts

With overtime alerts, you’ll notice if you accidentally schedule the same worker too many times. Employee scheduling software will also recognize that one worker can’t be present for two shifts at the same time. When conflicts are identified early and automatically, the solutions don’t require a last-minute panic.

Empower employees to take control of their schedules

All employees want to be treated like adults. It’s annoying and time-consuming to have to get supervisors to approve and arrange every schedule change. With the right employee scheduling software, your staff can:

  • Swap or bid on shifts
  • Negotiate among themselves
  • Remove the need to rely on a supervisor’s time and preferences

Without that level of control, a frustrated employee might complain about unfair treatment. They may also question whether their supervisor really tried to find a replacement. Communicating on their own, employees work together to help each other get preferred schedules. The result does more than reduce the workload on supervisors; it makes employees happier.

Increase accessibility with mobile access

Some schedule changes happen outside of business hours. Even the employees who spend all day on the computer will appreciate the convenience of a mobile app. A phone is easier to check early in the morning or late at night, confirming the day’s schedule. When conflicts arise, the phone app makes it easier to quickly adapt.

Increase visibility and accountability

Some businesses can function with a paper roster or calendar posted by the punch clock. But that’s not a very dynamic system for businesses that need to remain agile. If your scheduling solution is compatible with your time and attendance tracking, the employee scheduling software allows you to set shift reminders as well as automatic “missed shift” alerts.

Improve performance and ensure compliance

When schedules are logged digitally, it’s easier to build a performance management culture. Employees are more accountable for the way they spend their day, and managers can easily see which teams are having scheduling and teamwork issues. If late arrivals and missed shifts are problems with certain employees, the tracking software makes it clear that performance issues are being documented.

Ensure accurate payroll

Some employees carefully track their hours and paychecks, but fewer are likely to report times when they’re overpaid. When payroll mistakes are made, the corrections can be tedious. This is especially true after the checks for that pay period have already gone out. When the same system manages clocked-in and scheduled hours, all accessible to both supervisors and employees, discrepancies can be quickly diagnosed and fixed.

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