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Let Netchex Do All The Work—Stress-Free ACA Compliance Software

Measure, analyze, and track. ACA Central’s flawless integration with the Netchex suite of services offers complete, worry-free ACA management in a single location.
  • Automate reporting
  • Seamless integration
  • Complete management

ACA Payroll Automation

  • Automate analysis and drive affordability
  • Track missing deductions with ACA Central
  • Automatically calculate benefit cost for W-2 & W-3
  • Streamline integration from enrollment to payroll deduction

ACA Time & Attendance Management

  • Data from Netchex drives full-time equivalent report
  • ACA Central populates Applicable Large Employer (ALE) report for you
  • ACA Central intelligence determines benefits eligibility from Netchex

ACA Human Resources Monitoring

  • ACA Central monitors and manages look-back periods
  • Your stability period management is all in one place
  • Full COBRA administration keeps you ACA compliant

ACA Reporting

  • Automatically generate management reports
  • ACA Central completes and files forms 1094c & 1095c
  • Automatically calculate benefit cost for W-2 & W-3
  • Simplify process of W-2 reporting of benefit amounts

ACA Benefits Data

  • Automate eligibilitytracking & online enrollment
  • ACA Central integrates carrier communication
  • Dashboard includes capture of declination information
  • Streamline dependent management

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