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About Acappella

Acappella In-Home Caregivers are recognized and appreciated by their clients across North Texas. The demand for Caregiver services has grown year after year, and the company has done the same. Whether the client’s need is a half-day a week or continuous, around-the-clock care, their exceptional & experienced Caregivers will give your loved ones the comfort, companionship and care they deserve.

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Life Before Netchex

Prior to switching to Netchex, Acappella In-Home Care was experiencing rapid growth in the Dallas area as the leading home healthcare provider. At time time, they were still utilizing Quickbooks for their in-house payroll software, and the functionality just wasn’t cutting it as they expanded. When looking at other vendors, they felt like they were being treated more like a number and that their unique needs and challenges were not being discussed. An additional challenge was dealing with the current inefficient, manual process they were using for timesheets and reporting – until Netchex stepped in.

Netchex Services

  • Time & Attendance
  • Employee Self-Service
  • Manager Self-Service
  • HR Support

Why We Were (And Are) The Best Solution

With over 400 employees at Acappella, Netchex listened to their individual needs and provided solutions for what Acappella needed most, from sales to service to development. Acappella was using ADLware, a scheduling software that they relied on heavily. To accommodate this, the Netchex Development Team built a bridge to connect the schedule to Netchex’s system so Acappella could efficiently and effectively manage their business and employees.

Our Time and Attendance platform gives them options in terms of time collection, like web-based clocks, timesheet entry for salaried staff, and ethernet badges and biometric devices. Not only is there versatility, but Netchex monitors excessive absences, overtime, unscheduled work, and uses your company’s archived data to forecast labor costs. As a Netchex client, your needs come first, and that includes making sure your processes are efficient and saving you money.

With Netchex, Acappella is also able to empower their employees and managers with self-service. Our self-service portals give their employees and managers access to PTO requests and accrual management, as well as the ability to edit their employee profile, edit their benefits selections if need be, or change their direct deposit and tax witholdings. The options are limitless for your staff when they have ESS, taking burdens off of Acappella’s HR and Payroll staff. By having their schedule, payroll and HR integrated, Acappella’s days of manual and inefficient processes were over, thanks to Netchex.

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