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About Associated Grocers

From their roots in 1950 with 17 founding member stores to their growing membership of over 200 independent retailers in Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas, Associated Grocers remains committed to its original goal of helping the independent grocer remain competitive.From the simple days of providing combined buying power to member-retailers, Associated Grocers now offers a full-service retail operations support and solution center including Procurement, Retail Services and Support, Information Services, Marketing, Advertising, Store Development, Retail Systems, Retail Accounting, and Creative and Print Services – all tailored to member needs. We spoke with Veronica, the Payroll Coordinator for over 50 Associated Grocers stores. On her days off, she likes to spend time with her grandchild and as much time as she can outdoors.

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The Netchex Impact

Netchex’s impact on Associated Grocers can be summed up into one word – Efficiency. When they made the switch from UltiPro, the asset that stood out about Netchex over their previous provider is that it takes her very little steps and procedures to process payroll, which is the crux of her job responsibilities.

Netchex Services

  • Time & Attendance
  • NetBenefits
  • NetGuide
  • NetRecruiter
  • NetCOBRA

Why We Were (And Are) The Best Solution

Part of what makes the platform so efficient for Veronica and other payroll administrators is the user-friendly setup. At Netchex, we make sure our client’s voices are heard when developing new features or upgrading any current pages and processes. This constant feedback loop from client to Netchex’s development team is what makes our product so consistently user-friendly and easy to use by payroll administrators and human resources employees alike.

In addition to the intuitive nature of the Netchex platform, Veronica’s favorite part about Netchex is her ability to rely heavily on our service department to solve all of her problems. Associated Grocers has been a Netchex client for 3+ years and still know to this day their calls and emails will be answered by a real person in a timely manner with the solution to her problem.

“If I ever run into an issue that needs to be taken care of immediately, they are there to assist.”
Veronica at Associated Grocers

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