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About Budget Dry Waterproofing

Budget Dry is based in Connecticut and has been recognized as the area’s leading basement waterproofing and foundation repair company. They are passionate about providing the absolute best service to each home and homeowner because they understand just how important your home is to you. They pride themselves on their excellent customer service and use of cutting edge industry technology. Jason Weinstein is the Founder and General Manager at Budget Dry and made the switch over to Netchex in January of 2018. When he’s not running his business, he’s cooking great steaks on the grill, reading, volunteering and eating at his friend’s local ice cream shop.

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The Netchex Impact

Jason had already been with Paychex and was currently on ADP when they turned to Netchex. Their team loved the idea of a software-based approach with simple features to use compared to other construction specific providers. Additionally, the option to go paperless was at the forefront for them. They had several issues with employees leaving paystubs around, employees peeking at other employee’s paystubs, and more. By going fully electronic with Netchex, these issues were eliminated.

“ADP was 5x the cost for little benefit. We now have a more comprehensive HR system, with easy to schedule and score performance reviews, a system to track licenses, and most importantly PTO, rather than on separate spreadsheets. We know the data is right and we can trust it, compared to ADP.”
Jason at Budget Dry Waterproofing

Netchex Services

  • Time & Attendance
  • Unlimited Payroll Processing
  • ACA Central
  • Employment Verification Service
  • Full Tax Administration

Why We Were (And Are) The Best Solution

For Jason, the ability to create a service ticket and have the problem addressed quickly as they continued to work in the system is a saving grace. With ADP and Paychex, they were wasting 3+ hours on service phone calls waiting to get any help, and then even more time to solve it. Additionally, Jason notes that “the Quickbooks integration is much more sophisticated than what we had with ADP, allowing us to see clearly where the money is going in our financial software reporting.” It’s clear that Netchex was the perfect solution to the needs of Budget Dry Waterproofing. Netchex is a true HCM partner rooted in the ease and simplicity of our single-source system. Every client is more than a number, and with our team-based service approach, there is never an 800 line leading to hours of wasted time. Make the switch to Netchex for your small business today.

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