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About Expotel Hospitality Services, LLC

Expotel Hospitality was created by and for hotel owners seeking optimal cash flow from operations and maximum asset value creation. As a third-party management company, Expotel retains the same ownercentric culture that was created when David Burrus, George Newton, III, and Darryl Berger, Sr. founded the firm in New Orleans in 1999. Empathy with ownership has enabled Expotel to deliver exceptional financial results to clients while building stronger relationships and maintain transparency for owners and their asset managers. We work closely with Kellie, the Corporate Director of Human Resources, at Expotel. When she’s not at work leading her department, she’s playing with her dogs and escaping to the beach with her friends and family.

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Life Before Netchex

Kellie and the Expotel team were looking for a system that fit their budget as well as all of their payroll and human resources needs. They were currently on ADP and were dissatisfied with the product they had to offer, so they made the switch over to Netchex in 2015.

Netchex Services

  • Time & Attendance
  • NetBenefits
  • NetRecruiter
  • NetEnroll
  • NetGuide
  • NetCOBRA

Why We Were (And Are) The Best Solution

For Kellie, the biggest factors in making the switch to Netchex were the price and ease of use. The Netchex platform provided her department and company everything they need to function at a high level, but within a reasonable price range. Netchex’s ease of use has made her life easier, freeing up her time and schedule to focus on the human part of human resources.

“Netchex’s payroll system is much more efficient, which allows more time for other work tasks.”
Corporate Director of Human Resources

In Netchex, Kellie’s favorite feature is NetGuide, our onboarding platform that handles complete employee life cycle management. She states, “I love NetGuide. Going digital has saved time and money, and allows you to add any task for your team members.” NetGuide allows them to implement practices that provide them immediate compliance, communication with employees, new hire orientation, trainings, and the seamless connection between new hire information and payroll. From hire to retire, they’re able to manage all employee information in our user-friendly platform. In doing business with Netchex, Kellie gives our service department high praise, stating “Service at Netchex has always been excellent.” With our team-based approach, Netchex clients can be assured their questions will be resolved timely by a Netchex expert, and not waste time on hold for 1-800 numbers or speaking to inexperienced reps. For Expotel and many other hotel and hospitality groups, Netchex gets the job done easily and efficiently, with a dedicated service team supporting them along the way.

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