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About The YMCA

The YMCA has been part of Greater New Orleans since 1852. Today, the YMCA of Greater New Orleans serves over 42,000 people every year, including 10,000 youth. At the Y, they serve their members and the community alike. Over half of the individuals and families they reach are community members that attend programs and events throughout the year. As a non-profit organization, the YMCA was looking for a solution that was cost effective, provided better service than their previous provider, and could still effectively manage over 400 employees. They also struggled with tracking eligibility for the YMCA retirement fund and ACA compliance.

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The Experience

Netchex provided a single-source solution that allows their employees to clock in and out to multiple departments with multiple pay rates via the web. To resolve their retirement fund eligibility challenges, the Netchex team built a custom report that simplifies their tracking process for participation in the fund. Our ACA capabilities created additional reporting and tracking requirements for them as well. They now have a system that can ensure they are ACA compliant with full-time equivalency tracking.

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Why We Were (And Are) The Best Solution

“The move to Netchex has benefited our association in many ways. The most immediate benefit was a reduction of over 30% in our payroll processing costs. At the same time, we noticed a vast improvement in service. At Netchex, we’re assigned a Client Advocate we’re able to contact for assistance and support. Our previous payroll processor did not offer this, and we frequently experienced difficulty with access to support. When we called their help line, we spoke to someone different every time, often someone who could not provide support we needed.”
Louis K. Ogle, Jr.
Chief Administrative Officer, YMCA of Greater New Orleans

Louis K. Ogle Jr. continues that “YMCAs typically have a large number of employees who work in a variety of departments at varying rates of pay, and ours is no different. Netchex allows us to assign multiple departments and corresponding pay rates to our employees. They clock in under the applicable department and pay rate, making timesheet approval simple for supervisors who can track and approve time electronically. Netchex has also provided us with an incredible amount of support related to the Affordable Care Act. We’re able to easily track hours worked for seasonal and variable hourly employees to determine eligibility for health insurance. Netchex simplifies health insurance eligibility compliance, determination and reporting.

Finally, Netchex has been a good corporate partner. Much of what YMCA is able to do for our community depends on the generous support from individuals and businesses. Netchex has always answered the call to support us in our mission in the Greater New Orleans area.

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