Five Technologies That Will Shape HR Solutions in 2017

December 22, 2016

In 2017, Human Resources departments will be increasingly tasked with managing the 21st Century Workforce. The right HR technology will play an integral part in that process. Let’s take a quick look at the conditions and technologies and HR solutions that will help professionals navigate the evolving world of HR next year and beyond.

1. Smart Applicant Tracking Systems as a Competitive Advantage

Today’s HR professionals have turned to building an employer brand, highlighting the fundamentals of their workplace. The best way your team can recruit in this environment is using smart applicant tracking systems (ATS) that allow you to make the best hiring decision and automatically take candidates from hire to onboarding.

2. Automated Employee Verification to Combat Illegal Workers

With the election of Donald Trump, employers will likely face a higher burden to verify the citizenship of their employees. In an August 2016 speech, President-elect Donald Trump indicated that he planned to work with Congress to strengthen and expand the use of the E-Verify system across the country. In advance of any federal mandates, states like Tennessee are implementing statewide E-Verify mandates for applicable employers in both federal and private sectors.

3. Web Based Punch Clock and Geofencing to Mange Remote Workers

Workplace Analytics experts have indicated that up to 25% of US workers telecommute at least part time, and this trend is expected to increase throughout 2017. This growing trend has created increased challenges for HR managers when it comes to tracking telecommuting hours and monitoring remote employees. Web-based punch clocks with geofencing capabilities have emerged as the best solution to meeting these new demands. Utilizing web-based punch clocks allows companies to accurately capture all time, regardless of the employees’ location. The added security of geofencing gives management the ability to ensure employees are clocking in from approved areas such as remote offices or home addresses.

4. Big Data Used to Make Decisions

Effective business leaders rely on their Human Resources team to provide key intelligence to keep their organizations on track and make decisions. A true technology partner gives your HR team quick, easy access to vital metrics and reporting such as turnover, benefit spend, wages, headcount, and customized reports.

5. Benefit Admin Tools that Engage Every Demographic

The face of the 21st Century workforce is becoming increasingly diverse. To engage current and future workers, HR professionals need a benefits administration system that is both easy to use and integrated seamlessly with their payroll and time and attendance system.

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