‘Helping Hands’ for Companies with Workplace Giving Program | Netchex
“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

It is an understatement to say that our country (and the world as a whole) is currently undergoing a significant period of turmoil and change. From the ongoing pandemic to the long-overdue fight against racial inequality, people are struggling, people are hurting, and people need help. Thankfully, often in times of crisis, people (and businesses) are at their most giving. For businesses big and small, there are plenty of ways to give back and enable their employees to do the same, including through a workplace giving program. 

What is workplace giving?

The largest source of charitable giving in the U.S. is not from millionaires or large corporations, but collectively from everyday individuals. One of the easiest and most efficient ways for people to give is through workplace giving programs, which generate approximately $5 billion of individual giving annually. 

Workplace giving is an easy and efficient way to make donations to charities through payroll contributions. Together, companies and their employees can work to benefit their local community or national organizations by providing a much-needed stream of revenue to the chosen charities.

Workplace giving is a key component for building a caring, positive company culture and a fulfilling work environment. It can be instrumental in various aspects of your company, including recruiting, employee engagement, job satisfaction, employee pride, and brand elevation. When an easy-to-use, comprehensive giving program is implemented and promoted throughout a company, employees will not only want to participate but participate more frequently and consistently.

Netchex’s Helping Hands Feature

Netchex Helping Hands feature is a streamlined way for employers to support a charitable organization and gives employees an easy way to contribute a donation as an automatic payroll deduction. 

Employees can make one-time, staggered, or continuous donations, and employers have the option to implement a company match for all donations or a percentage. Companies have the ability to create charitable campaigns within Netchex—complete with timelines, goals, and additional resources. Companies can even run multiple campaigns for different organizations simultaneously. To manage it all, administrators can view donations, progress, campaign history, past campaigns, and more.

This new workplace giving programs was developed as a direct response to current events affecting people worldwide. It comes at no additional cost and is available to every organization that uses the Netchex system.

“I am proud of the efforts by all that make Netchex what it is—both as a brand in the market, as well as a place of work and career for our team. However, in times like this, I can not just be satisfied that this is enough,” explained Netchex CEO, Will Boudreaux. “In fact, it is in these moments I recognize how much more I can do. Let this serve as my beginning to positively influence my work and community through Respect, Change, and Action.” 

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