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Every industry has its struggles. The manufacturing has its own unique obstacles that HR and upper management must actively work to overcome. Discover how HR and payroll technology can help HR professionals in the manufacturing industry overcome the six biggest obstacles it faces with today’s workforce.

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#1 – Aging Workforce

Approximately 25% of the skilled worker base is expected to retire over the next ten years (National Associate of Manufacturers)

How Netchex technology can help:

  • Create a better flow of talent with proven recruiting strategies
  • Offer industry standard pay + benefits to appeal to younger workers
  • Facilitate career development opportunities based on skills and leadership qualities

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#2 – Growing Skills Gap

It is 36% harder to hire people with manufacturing skills now than it was in 2018 (Deloitte)

How HR Technology can help:

  • Identifying skills gaps through Performance Management technology
  • Develop targeted training and growth plans connected to performance
  • Cross training across several skills and positions
  • Continued education via learning management system

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#3 – Recruiting Challenges

An estimated 2.1 million unfilled manufacturing jobs could go unfilled by 2030 (The Manufacturing Institute)

How Netchex technology can help:

  • Create better job listings to attract the the candidates you want and need 
  • Easily track and communicate with applicants through ATS
  • Provide a better applicant and hiring experience
  • Ensure industry standard pay + benefits to appeal to top workers

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#4 – Poor Employee Engagement + Mental Health

Only 1 in 4 people who work in manufacturing are actively engaged at work (Gallup)

How Netchex technology can help:

  • Increase communication and feedback between employees and management
  • Enable easier ways to recognize employees and offer kudos
  • Develop a learning and development culture focused on employee growth
  • Gain valuable insight and feed back with employee surveys and polls

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#5 – Growing Workplace Safety and Compliance

Over 50% of HR professionals state they lack confidence in their ability to keep up with the industry’s ever-changing rules and regulations (Gartner)

How Netchex technology can help:

  • Host proper training and education focused on compliance and safety topics
  • Conduct scheduled HR compliance audits to ensure coverage
  • Increase communication with employees about safety and compliance-related issues
  • Promote workplace safety and make easily accessible in employee handbook

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#6 – Inaccurate Timekeeping and Attendance Tracking

Time theft affects 75% of businesses and can cost employers an average of $11 billion per year (WorkPlus

How Netchex technology can help:

  • Provide better access and mobile functionality when clocking in and out
  • Implement an improved leave management process, including PTO
  • Create and provide earlier access to dynamic, error-free employee schedules
  • Set overtime alerts and accurately calculate hours to ensure compliance

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Discover how Netchex can help your manufacturing business overcome the biggest HR obstacles with HR and payroll technology: