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With the growing influence of the internet and other new technologies, like recruiting software, the hiring process has evolved a lot in recent years. More changes came even quicker as the COVID-19 pandemic turned the business world upside down

With all of these changes, companies that still rely too heavily on outdated methods can end up overpaying for less qualified applicants. Make sure your business is keeping up with the pace of innovation by utilizing the latest recruiting software.

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How has recruiting changed in the past few years?

Digital job boards

A big change from print ads in newspapers, online job boards like Indeed and Monster are the most efficient places to reach the people actively searching for jobs. Most sites are no longer a free place for employers to post ads, but are crucial for your recruitment strategy. Find recruiting software (like Netchex) that will automatically post your job listing across multiple job boards.

Social media

Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms are great places to share news about job openings. Some even have regional job boards and industry-related groups. Even when you aren’t actively recruiting, your company should be active on social media. This builds your company’s brand awareness—a major component of recruiting marketing.

Personalized experience

Online applications tend to feel generic and impersonal. You need to make sure that recruiting ads are personalizable and reflect your company culture. Consider the unique motivations and preferences of the job seekers in your target audience.

Candidate-first approach

There used to be a time when employers could post a generic ad and expect applicants to call regardless. Now, it’s better to give as much decision-making information as possible before the interview stage. With the ever-competitive job market, it is beneficial to make applicants feel respected and valued through the hiring process via hiring software

Broader networking

On LinkedIn and through real-world relationships, referrals can make a big difference in the quality of applicants. Advertising to the general public may result in a larger number of applications, but you’ll spend less time qualifying candidates with trusted recommendations. 

Employer branding

Most motivated applicants today will scour the internet to learn about the company before interviewing, or even applying. When building your web presence, you should also be promoting a specific brand for the company. Through reputation management, you can decide how (or whether) to respond to negative reviews on sites like Glassdoor. 

Soft skills

You can train new hires to use the company software, but it’s harder to change their personalities. Employers have realized the importance of soft skills, such as:

  • Communication
  • Critical thinking
  • Flexibility
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork

Culture fit

You’ll want to find motivated applicants whose goals are compatible with the company culture, but it’s also helpful to set goals for diversity and inclusion. While in the recruitment process, ask yourself these questions:

  • What are the population demographics in your city or service area?
  • Are particular ethnicities or other groups underrepresented in your company?
  • Are you making an effort to reach qualified applicants in those communities? 

Data & Analytics

Use performance management techniques to gather data. Analyze the current costs and team efficiency to see whether you can afford additional employees. With a better understanding of your team’s needs and strengths, you can look for certain skills and compatibility in recruiting.

How did the pandemic change the recruiting game even more?

Virtual recruiting and hiring experience

At the height of the pandemic, a majority of businesses went remote. The transition meant that new skills and policies were needed for managing remote workers, as well as developing virtual recruiting and onboarding experiences. HR and recruiting software (like Netchex) have become essential for evaluating new hires and processing applications online.

Increased flexibility and skill sets

Regardless of another pandemic or a natural disaster, flexibility in the workplace is essential. Use new recruiting software to hire this type of employee and HR technology like a Learning Management System to crosstrain existing employees. Hiring someone who can adequately perform multiple jobs and learn new skills makes for a more resilient workforce.

Competitive benefits and perks

Wages will always play a major role in recruiting, but perks and benefits have become more important than ever. As employers have converted to rely more heavily on remote workers, recruiting software enables you to recruit from a broader pool of candidates.

To land this top talent, your benefits package needs to keep pace or exceed your competitors’. Instead of settling for the traditional package of benefits, could your company improve employee access to counseling services, childcare, nutritionists, and other services? 

Remote-friendly benefits

Some benefits may need to be adjusted for remote workers, like regional healthcare plans and perks related to the office location (nearby gym memberships, for example). For all your staff, but especially remote workers, mental health has a major impact on performance and job satisfaction.

Unique employee perks 

If you look for unique opportunities in your industry and community, you should be able to find employee perks that aren’t too costly. Consider partnering with other businesses or nonprofits in your area with a workplace giving program. Allowing employees to donate or perform volunteer work on the clock gives staff a break from their routines and creates good PR for the company.

Make sure to keep your recruiting software up to date. Even if your current methods are getting a few satisfactory applications, you may be overspending on advertising and missing out on more qualified workers. Take advantage of the lessons learned from the pandemic, and make your company more resilient for the future.

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