Women Leaders: Katie Kennedy, Marketing Director | Netchex Hiring Software

International Women’s Day (March 8) is a global celebration of the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women, which also advocates for accelerating gender parity. To recognize this important day, we’ll be celebrating some of our own inspiring female leaders and their careers in the tech industry and at Netchex.

Katie Kennedy | Marketing Director

As the first Marketing employee at Netchex, Katie Kennedy has built a team of 6 additional marketing associates, each dedicated to their own channel, and serves as Director of the Marketing Department. Jhane Wilcox, Senior Marketing Associate, has worked with Katie for over 5 years, and states, “Katie is not only a great manager but also an awesome colleague. She has built a great team enviroment where we all know we can count on one another.”

Tell us a little bit about your Netchex journey!
I started with Netchex seven years ago as the first hire in the Marketing department. Since then, the Marketing Department has grown to a team of six rockstars, and the company has grown more than I ever could have imagined on that first day. New clients, products, partners, processes, headquarters, Netchex team members, revenue records, goals and milestones surpassed – I’ve seen it all over the years. I’ve grown professionally, as well, thanks to Netchex’s investment and belief in me. I’ve gone from writing blog posts in a cubicle in a back room to presenting marketing-generated revenue statistics to investors in a Board Room. It’s been quite a journey.

What is your favorite part about working in the Tech/Software industry?
It is so fast-paced! I am never bored. I was a crime reporter before I came to Netchex, so you would think this role would be way less exciting. But there has never been a dull day. Tech is constantly changing, and so is the competitive landscape for Netchex – so we have to stay innovative. That means trying new things, failing fast, celebrating wins, pivoting, learning the latest trends, thinking outside of the box and challenging the norms – sometimes all within the same week. We’re constantly striving, growing and improving both ourselves and our product, which is a great feeling.

Katie Kennedy What advice do you have for any women seeking leadership roles in Tech?
Never be a yes-woman. In tech, the rooms you’re in will be crowded with new ideas, and typically, a lot of male voices. It can be intimidating to speak up, especially if you’re going against the grain. But you need to be an advocate for yourself, your ideas, and your team. What I’ve found is that you gain respect and an audience when you own your expertise and speak up. Your opinion and idea might directly contradict the overwhelming consensus and momentum in the conference room, but it can also make people stop and think, “wait, there might be a better way.” Of course, this means you also own the results, so you better know what you’re talking about.

What are your hopes for Netchex as a tech company moving forward?
That we never stop having fun and taking risks. We’re a national company now, with a lot on the line, but there’s always been something truly special happening within the walls of Netchex. It comes from fearless leaders and creative team members who continuously dare to do something different. I hope we never lose that passion for and belief in what we’re creating here.

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