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We get it… attending conferences can be a financial and time burden for some—booking travel accommodations, multiple days out of the office, etc. When it comes to Netconnect, our own annual HR technology conference, we are dedicated to bringing you all the benefits of an HR conference without all the hassle. 

In years past, Netconnect has been an in-person event hosted in New Orleans with hundreds of people in attendance. And while we will miss seeing everyone face-to-face, we are prepared to bring as much of the sights, sounds, and experiences of Netconnect as possible online again this year—just as we have for the past three years.

This year’s Netconnect theme is A Day at the HR Museum—come take a stroll with us through all the great exhibits HR has to offer.

  • The event is ONE DAY
  • It’s 100% virtual
  • And it’s completely FREE!

Netconnect’s jam-packed itinerary includes HR best practices, information security, and HR leadership training. Advance your professional education with HR-focused sessions led by a diverse lineup of industry experts. Register here today.

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If that’s not enough for you to register, we put together a few more tangible takeaways to affirm Netconnect’s value to you and your whole company. Attending Netconnect is guaranteed to make you and your team more efficient, inspired, and valuable to our mutual clients. Here’s why:

Virtual conference experience

With virtual conferences, time is on your side. Often with a mix of live and recorded events, you can prioritize, but still not fear missing out because you can also circle back to whatever you missed the first time around.

Just like an in-person conference, you really need to engage and participate to absorb the material. Be an active attendee, not a passive one

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Industry expertise and CE accreditation

Every year for Netconnect, we bring in top speakers from fields and organizations that matter most to you from the world of HR, payroll, benefits, and more. Netconnect is a great opportunity to learn about current HR trends and best practices, gain compliance assurance, and take a peek at the future of HR. Check our session schedule and speakers.

You’re guaranteed to walk away a more cultivated and knowledgeable industry professional. And this year is no different. Additionally, all attendees can earn 4 SHRM CE credits by attending Netconnect!

In-depth Netchex training

As with every Netconnect, you’ll learn best practices, tips, and how-to’s to make you more efficient and capable within the Netchex system itself.

Every Netchex training is led by an experienced Netchex team member, aka the people who know Netchex best. These Netchex pros are the people you need to know to get exactly what you need from the Netchex system—and Netconnect is the best opportunity to meet and interact with them! 

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Endless networking opportunities

Most Netconnect attendees represent the most active and knowledgeable users of our system. We make sure everyone leaves with tips and tricks to not only maximize using Netchex, but also improve your company’s HR processes, compliance, and more.

We’ve got several peer-to-peer group roundtables and discussion boards planned. These special networking events enable Netchex users to learn from one another and the Netchex staff on industry questions, trends, and best practices. 

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It’s an investment in YOU

Like anyone, HR professionals must invest in themselves and their team to further develop their skills and knowledge. This investment keeps everyone motivated, inspired, and happy.

You will gain valuable new insights that you can take back to your company that will allow you to institute real change, save your company time and money, and make your employees and co-workers happier and more fulfilled.

Attending Netconnect sends the message that you and your team are committed to making your company better and your commitment to clients even stronger. 

It’s FREE—we’ll say that again…it’s FREE!

When you compare Netconnect’s price to national averages for conferences and trade shows, it doesn’t even compare—because it’s FREE! Not even a registration fee! And because it’s virtual, you don’t have to worry about air travel, hotel accommodations, meals, and more.

You’re getting hours of HR best practices and CE credits in expert-led sessions, countless networking opportunities with Netchex staff and users, and fun opportunities to win prizes and more!

Hope to see you there! If you’re ready to experience how great an online conference can be, then join us for Netconnect: A Day at the HR Museum—completely FREE and 100% virtual. A full day of HR best practices, compliance guidance, guest speakers, networking events, and in-depth Netchex system training. 

Register for Netconnect: A Day at the HR museum today!

Netconnect Virtual Conference

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