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Columbus, OH

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Columbus, OH Facts


Columbus, OH boasts a population of 1 million residents.

Fortune 1000 Companies

Home to 16 Fortune 1000 companies, Columbus, OH is a hub for major businesses.

Fortune 500 Companies

Home to 7 Fortune 500 companies, Columbus, OH is a hub for major businesses.

Payroll Software

Columbus Companies Need Payroll Services

According to One Columbus, the region’s leading economic development organization, executing their 10-year vision has already begun which consists of creating 60,000 new jobs, $3.3B in new payroll, and $10B in investments.

(Source: One Columbus)

With this high-growth trajectory to further stimulate the region’s workforce and business economy, the need for single-source payroll services in Columbus has never been clearer.

Netchex Can Help

With 16 Fortune 100 and 7 Fortune 500 companies headquartered in Columbus, it’s no surprise businesses are proud to call the Columbus region home with an economic climate that promotes both sustainability and expansion initiatives. When pairing affordable cost of living and a simplified tax structure for businesses, the City of Columbus’ government website highlights its regional incentives for companies in The Buckeye State, including tax credits for jobs created and cash bonuses for jobs growth.

So what does this equate to?

At Netchex, we recognize the importance of contributing to a flourishing workforce and the businesses behind it. Being a preferred Columbus payroll software company gives us great pride, especially knowing we’re one small piece to the puzzle for businesses looking for organizational and operational success. If disconnected systems and manual payroll processing sounds familiar, consider Netchex as your next payroll software provider in Columbus.

Netchex Can Help
Columbus OH

Our Columbus Payroll Software Services

Netchex is a cloud-based HR and payroll software company that helps Columbus businesses compete in today’s competitive labor market.

As a trusted payroll services provider for businesses in Columbus, companies rely on Netchex for things like payroll and employee benefits administration to performance management and human resources.

When it comes to Columbus payroll software, Netchex offers a comprehensive approach to ensuring your workforce gets paid accurately and on time. Our Ohio paycheck calculator is one of many tools available to use for employees to get estimated payment amounts.

Discover the Netchex difference and get in touch with us today by calling (380) 205-9459


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Explore the benefits of Netchex HR & payroll technology

Our technology is simple to use and quick to learn, yet robust enough to run your entire business. Manage the employee experience-from recruitment to retirement-with a comprehensive, single sign-on Human Resource software platform.

Payroll and Tax

Payroll & tax

Get employees paid faster. File taxes automatically. Everything accurate and on time. Love your payroll with flexible pay options and greater accessibility.

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Time & Attendance

Time & attendance

Track attendance, collect hours worked, and submit and approve PTO. Create and share employee schedules effortlessly.

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Benefits Administration

Benefits administration

Employee benefits made easy, straightforward, and worry-free. Empower employees to better control their benefits coverage.

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Recruiting & Onboarding

Recruiting & onboarding

An applicant tracking system with built-in intelligence combined with an innovative onboarding platform improves and simplifies your entire hiring process.

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Learning Management

Learning management

Get new hires up-to-speed. Update compliance. Diminish skill gaps and develop your workforce with consistent online education.

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Performance Management

Performance management

Set and track employee goals. Analyze and compare results. Make conducting performance reviews better with easier workflows and improved data.

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Employee Engagement

Employee engagement

Promote employee recognition. Gather impactful feedback. Facilitate better communication, stronger company culture, and a greater sense of purpose.

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Human Resources

Human resources

Critical data instantly. Support teams at the ready. Better communication, education, and engagement through improved HR workflows.

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Reproting & Analytics

Reporting & analytics

Critical data instantly and accurately. Uncover and share impactful insights. Customizable reports put a personalized spin on analytics.

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With top-ranked technology and better customer service, discover what Netchex can do for you