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A vendor that does not practice cyber readiness can directly impact your ability to conduct business and put your employees and customers at risk. Therefore, it is crucial to have a Benefits, HR, and Payroll partner you can trust.

Netchex is here to help by ensuring the data you entrust us with is safe and cyber ready, as well as provide you with free resources for your business to be cyber ready as well.

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What does it mean to be Cyber Ready?

Cybersecurity readiness is the ability to quickly identify, prevent, and respond to various cyber threats faced by businesses of all sizes.

The average time to identify and contain a breach in 2020 was 280 days. (source: IBM)

A cybersecurity readiness plan maps out the fundamental objectives and timeline that an organization must have in place in order to be considered cyber ready.

78% of senior IT and security leaders lack confidence in their company’s security stranding. (source: Insight Enterprises )

How is Netchex Cyber Ready?

Netchex data security protocols

With the continuing escalation of corporate data breaches, securing your organization’s data is more important than ever. Trust and security are two things Netchex takes very seriously.

At Netchex, we understand the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data is paramount to the success and continued growth of your business. This is why our commitment to data security is an essential part of every aspect of the services we provide.

Specifically, Netchex has a variety of controls to ensure your data is safe while located on Netchex servers. Netchex servers are protected by Microsoft Azure security monitoring software and patched regularly to ensure we are not vulnerable to the latest threats. 

We pride ourselves on the lengths we have gone to in order to protect our clients’ data. These checks and balances ensure several levels of data prevention to protect you on every level.

Additionally, we utilize multiple data center redundancy combined with local and off-site backups to quickly recover your data in the unlikely event an attack circumvents our defenses.

Where can I learn more about Netchex’s Cyber Readiness?

Our Security whitepaper provides an overview of our security program. Additionally, our Trust and Compliance whitepaper highlights all third-party attestations and audits that validate our security program.

You can reach out to [email protected] if you have any additional questions regarding Netchex security.

How can your company be Cyber Ready?

Netchex recommends protecting your company from cyber-attacks by taking the following actions:

  • Netchex clients can turn on Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for any critical services, such as email, banking, and payroll.
    • How to enable MFA in Netchex: Click your profile picture → Account Management → Multi-Factor Authentication.
  • Regularly review your critical services for unusual activity such as unusual charges or logins at odd hours.
    •  Netchex provides our users with this information in the Master Audit Report (Reports → Audit) and Login Audit Report (Maintenance → Security → Reports → Login Audit Report).
  • Ensure your company is Cyber Ready with training, policies, and an incident response plan.

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