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Expert Employee Education All Year Long

A Revolutionary Benefits Automation Solution with HR Teams and Benefits Brokers in Mind

NetEnroll is the future of Employee Benefits. This process leverages the expertise of your Benefits Broker with the data integration of Netchex and the enrollment attention of an expert Benefits Counselor. Until now, benefits mangement has largely been manual and overwhelming for customers and brokers alike. With NetEnroll, EVERY employee will experience professional education about their benefits offerings.

Personalized education and enrollment for every employee (and spouse if desired).

Administrative support to allow HR time for more productive tasks.

Carrier Communication to ensure payroll aligns with Carriers.

Bill reconciliation and bill payment for automated voluntary benefits plans.

Broker maintains their advisory role and commissions, but with better access to the benefits data.

How Much Does NetEnroll Cost?

NetEnroll can be added to any Netchex package for $1 PEPM. For more information on Netchex product packages, click here.

How Does This Work?

NetEnroll will be a mandatory part of each employee’s on-boarding experience through NetGuide. The NetEnroll team will set up a NetGuide task to electronically notify employees to schedule their Benefits Enrollment appointment call.

How Does This Empower Brokers?

NetEnroll is an extension of the Benefits Broker and HR teams. You can now better serve your clients with the support from a dedicated enrollment team and relieve the manual burdens of BenAdmin and carrier communications.

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