Reliance Standard & Netchex | Human Resources | Onboarding

Reliance Standard + Netchex, Better Together

Single-source payroll technology with BenAdmin and Reliance Standard products built right in

People to Propel Your Business

With recruiting, hiring and onboarding combined into a seamless platform, you’ll never miss out on qualified candidates again.

Time Tracking for the Modern Workforce

Integrate critical labor activity within your payroll system so decision making regarding labor costs and scheduling is quick and easy.

Empowered HR

Manage all your key functions in one system. Netchex HR allows you to track, manage and report critical data relevant to your organization and your people.

Compliance without Complexity

Netchex’s simple, modern Benefits tools can be your go-to guide through COBRA administration, integrated 401(k) solutions and health insurance management.

User-Friendly Technology, People-Friendly Support

Everything your employees need in one happy place.

Payroll Protected

Our cloud-based system allows you complete flexibility and accessibility, while our streamlined services maximize accuracy and efficiency. With multiple payment options, Netchex has the flexibility to fit your needs.