Time and Attendance System | Netchex Hiring Software
December 29, 2014

Having an accurate way to track the time and attendance of your employees is a critical aspect of a successful business. For every employee, you need a 100% reliable count of how many hours they have worked, how much paid time off they have taken, how much leave they have accrued in a given pay period, and how much paid time off they have left to use. Errors in these calculations can be extremely expensive for your organization. To ensure accuracy, many companies are switching to an online time and attendance system. Tracking systems such as these offer many advantages.

  • These systems will not only track time, but benefit accrual details as well. Additionally, they will integrate with your current payroll system and help you stay in compliance with state, local, and federal labor and tax laws.
  • These systems can quickly provide you with detailed reports that will bring any employee time issues immediately to your attention. For example, you might notice one employee logging a lot of overtime. This could be a problem if the overtime was not approved, or if it is an indication that there is not an even distribution of work among your employees.
  • You will not need to install software on your company computers or hire additional information technology support, as these systems are accessed online or through cloud-based storage. This also means employees are able to utilize the system outside of the office for their convenience.
  • Implementation of a time and attendance system will greatly decrease the workload on your Human Resources team. No longer will they need to worry about collecting paper timesheets and manually calculating work and leave time for each employee, and no longer will you need to worry about human error in these calculations costing your company money. Even better, your Human Resources staff can use this newfound time to work on projects to help you more effectively reach your company’s goals.