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Accurate timekeeping and attendance tracking can be a major game changer for Human Resources teams—and employees overall. But how do you make the right choice when it comes to choosing a time and attendance software?

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Some of the time and attendance software options on the market are only capable of a limited range of tasks related to timekeeping and attendance tracking. To help you make the right decision, here are the top twelve features to expect with high quality time and attendance software (like Netchex).

Cloud technology

On-site data storage can be lost because of something as simple as a hardware failure. Time and attendance software needs to be a secure and reliable form of recordkeeping. 

Additionally, cloud-based technology keeps records always accessible, whenever and wherever managers and employees might need access. Cloud technology is great for all companies, including multi-location offices and remote/hybrid workforces.

Lots of options

Choose a time and attendance solution that allows your company to stay flexible. The best software includes numerous options, as well as flexible features for future changes in your business.

Types of clocks

You should be able to use a combination of hardware and virtual time clocks, especially for employees who don’t perform their work at computers. Biometrics can include fingerprint scanners and facial recognition.

Mobile accessibility 

The vast majority of employees have a smartphone, so why not take advantage of that hardware? Employee timekeeping apps are both convenient and reliable. 


Verify that employees are punching the clock from appropriate locations, whether that’s the home office, job site, or at headquarters. Automatically track time on-site and customize the GPS boundaries of company locations.

Payroll integration

Save time and reduce the number of chances for human errors. Use time and attendance software that’s compatible with your payroll solution for quicker, more accurate payroll services.

When all your HR software is integrated, you can quickly identify and correct discrepancies.

Automated taxes

Routine tax calculations and withholding related to time and attendance shouldn’t be a burden. Ensure payroll accuracy and compliance with taxes by automating the process. Let your time and attendance software handle repetitive spreadsheet tasks and let your HR staff focus on broader goals like workplace culture.

Digital timesheets

Updated timesheets should be accessible through an employee portal. Let employees help identify discrepancies and missed punches before they cause further complications. Digital timesheets allow for easier reporting and assessments, and less time spent on corrections and adjustments.

Scheduling capabilities

Manage employee schedules from the same software, and your timekeeping alerts will adjust as needed. The timekeeping software should know when to expect each employee to punch in, even as your employee schedules change.

Scheduling features like user-friendly drag and drop scheduling automatically alerts supervisors about conflicts before a new schedule is finalized.

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Absence and leave management

It just makes sense to manage related HR policies with the same software. Let employees request time off and check PTO with the same portal where they confirm their accumulated hours. Enter holidays and other major events that affect scheduling and hourly workers. 

Overtime tracking

For many businesses, managing overtime is an easy way to cut expenses. Time and attendance software with scheduling features can highlight overtime issues in advance. Additionally, digital timesheets help you compare monthly and quarterly improvement.

In-depth reporting

Whatever metrics you want to prioritize, time and attendance software collects the relevant data. Track each individual employee’s performance as well as trends for each department or location.

Detailed reporting and analytics take a lot less time with the right HR software.

Human resource management

Time and attendance software must adapt to the needs of Human Resource Management. Track and compare employee performance over time. Make benefits easily accessible, from parental leave to vacation time. 

Alerts and notifications

Get alerts about late and absent employees as well as overtime conflicts. Customize alerts to reflect your policies and priority concerns. Let managers and employees know when they’ve received a new message or announcement through the scheduling software.

Ease of use

Quality HR software should be user-friendly and practical. Here are a few different aspects of time and attendance software that impact its ease of use.

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Employee self-service

An employee self-service portal should allow workers to see PTO accrual, verify hours, view pay stubs, and more. Employees with access to their personal data lightens the workload on HR staff who normally retrieve that kind of data.

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Improved communication

Many scheduling programs allow management to send out notifications within the software, reminding workers about special events and last-minute changes. Employees can request time off within the software, reducing the danger of external text messages or emails getting overlooked.

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Better employee experience

Many employees appreciate the convenience of smartphone apps and cloud-based portals. TIme and attendance software makes it easy for employees to navigate with minimal training.

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Biometrics make it easier to verify which employee is accessing the software. Facial recognition and fingerprint scanners are available with phone apps, computer webcams, and time clocks.

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When you’re shopping for time and attendance software, look for the features that will make the biggest difference for your business. Netchex build technology solutions for the unique needs of Human Resources professionals. Learn more about our complete toolbox of Human Resources solutions and how many of these solutions work together for added benefits.

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