Workforce Management Time and Attendance Solutions Increase ROI

June 7, 2018

The need for an advanced AUTOMATED SCHEDULING

Real-time visibility into employee schedules, from any connected device, allows managers to track shift rosters with ease and minimal effort. By identifying gaps in scheduling early on, you can supplement the deficit without needing overtime, or last-minute hires that tend to cost more money. On the flip side, a surplus of staff on the roster can be rectified to avoid overspend on an overstaffed day. With up-to-the-minute data at their fingertips, your management team will know who is (and should be) on the clock and modify predetermined schedules on-the-go to avoid breaking the budget.


Using archived data and historical information, today’s workforce management solution should provide the predictive analytics to give you the opportunity to save money on labor costs. Managers can use this big data to make long-term staffing decisions by examining seasonal ebbs and flows that affect your team’s workload – and in essence, the staff needed to fulfill tasks.


Time and labor solutions should offer the self-service features that empower your staff. Giving your employees the ability to log in and out from any connected and mobile device provides greater accessibility for your team. Today’s employees-on-the-go expect these services which have proven to increase retention rates and reduce turnover. Giving your employees the opportunity to view their own schedules in real-time, and swap shifts to obtain coverage on their own in case of absence, provides more independent management, which in turn bolsters employee engagement.

Netchex workforce management solutions meet the unique needs of your business. With a customized API that integrates with your own current systems, our time and labor capabilities ensure compliance, mitigate the risk of excess salary expenditures, and simplify tracking of internal and dispersed staff in one convenient portal. We build systems that boost productivity and engage your workforce.

In addition to our fully integrated time tracking capabilities, our complete suite of solutions offers innovation that streamlines workloads and engages employees in every facet of HR management. Contact us to learn how our award-winning products and services are changing the way companies approach HCM, and how Netchex Time & Labor, HR, Payroll, Benefits, and Compliance solutions can make your life easier.