Choosing Your Best Payroll Provider | Netchex Payroll Software
January 26, 2017

Payroll and HCM solution companies drone on and on about reasons their services are superior. However, listen closely, and you’ll hear them all saying the same thing.

So how do you choose? Why make a switch?

At Netchex, we base our philosophy on three essential elements that need to be present to have a successful, and cost-effective HR solution in place. Without these components, your company will be unable to maximize the ROI and value from a service provider that you deserve. Nor will you be getting the optimal Payroll, HR, Benefits, Time & Attendance products needed to stay competitive and achieve success.

If these 3 things are missing from your solution provider, it’s time to make a switch:

Team Approach

While a set it and forget HR resource sounds appealing at first, regret quickly takes over when questions arise. The fact is, an all-in approach shouldn’t just be a platform, it should be a partnership. The collaboration that takes place between an HCM solution provider and your company is the life-blood of a successful relationship. Settle for nothing less than personal attention – dedicated account teams that know your business, who work with you to overcome challenges, and who suggest ways to be more efficient, save you money, and most importantly, help your business grow.


Ask yourself, are you only paying for what you need? Are supplemental service fees imposing on your bottom line? Are all business needs being met from a single resource? Or, are you forced to spend more to augment services? For many companies, these questions determine the authenticity of HR solution providers. It separates good intentions from legitimate effectiveness. Authentic, or organic solutions, means paying for exactly what you need, when you need it. It’s a product/service that meets your individualized requirements, without diluting capabilities and inflating costs with unwanted extras that will complicate things and reduce your ROI. Authentic solutions should elevate (success), motivate (employees), and alleviate (stress and workload). If your HR system isn’t doing this, you should have some genuine concerns.

Innovation & Design

A solution is only as effective as its relevancy. Change is inevitable, and should be anticipated. If your payroll and HR system can’t keep up, you’ll be left behind. It’s imperative that you select a provider whose capabilities are not only up to par, but well equipped to evolve at the speed of innovation. Today’s mobile workforce expects to be equipped with the latest technology to keep pace with industry demands. What’s more, HR solutions need to appeal to the masses, which is why design is equally as important. A user-friendly interface and simple tools that break down complex systems will be widely accepted and adapted companywide. If your employees are reluctant to use the tools that are supposed to make their lives easier, the level of difficulty implementing a new HR system can reach an all-time high.

Netchex award-winning technology and acclaimed customer support is recognized not only for excellence, but for exemplifying HCM solutions that make a difference in the lives of employees. We strive to differentiate ourselves through a strong belief that puts people first.

Netchex offers powerful, convenient services to businesses throughout the U.S., with local teams right in your own area. And, we continue to expand our resources on the ground – having recently introduced new locations in Austin, Chattanooga, Charlotte, Greenville, Reno, St. Louis and Tulsa, to name a few.

To learn more about our full suite of payroll, HR, time & attendance, benefits, and compliance services for your company, or to find out how easy it is to make the switch from your current provider to Netchex, contact us or give us a call at 877-729-2661. Let our team of experts help you find your perfect HR solution.

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