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About Prestige School Solutions

Based in South Carolina with a branch in Georgia, Prestige School Solutions is a back-office management and operations consulting group that serves the education field, specifically charter schools and large-scale early childcare centers. KM’s staff contains a skill set that enables a school board to establish or to completely change the trajectory of the school’s performance, reputation and growth.

Life Before Netchex

Before switching to Netchex over 2 years ago, Prestige School Solutions’ payroll was primarily handled internally, using an over-the-counter payroll software solution. With those types of solutions, Prestige School Solutions still had to remain responsible for ensuring that all their payroll taxes, federal and state tax deposits and HR matters were properly managed. While representing over 7,000 students and $40 million dollars in payroll as well as over 1,000 employees, Prestige School Solutions knew they needed a better solution to accomplish all of this and stay compliant. So they turned to a single-source solution in Netchex.

Unmatched Customer Service

Although we service clients in all 50 states, Netchex ensures our service is always responsive and resourceful for every client, no matter their location. David states that their admins, managers and employees who use Netchex “are treated as a client, rather than a client number, and we have no doubt that Netchex is invested in what we do and the clients we serve.” Our team-based approach to service at Netchex is what sets us apart from others in the industry. When clients like Prestige School Solutions switch to Netchex, they are assigned a specific service team to cater to their needs and service issues. By using this system, we ensure all client needs are addressed timely and by a team that knows their needs and business. There are no 1-800 numbers or excessive wait periods for clients to have their issues resolved.

The payroll and HR solution provided by Netchex has provided both cost and time savings related to the processing of payroll and related liabilities. However, the greatest benefit has been the ability to offer our clients (and their employees) tremendous visibility into their payroll via online access. Moreover, the Netchex solution has enabled us to expand the value-added HR services package we provide to our clientele.

David Faunce, Prestige School Solutions

Culture is Key

Making a decision and transition from one HCM provider to the next can be extensive and exhausting. At Netchex, our goal is to make that process as seamless and personal as possible. According to David, the process of transitioning to Netchex from their in-house practices was first-rate.

The entire staff, from sales to implementation to service, has been stellar in their delivery. The culture of Netchex is one of a company that demonstrates the importance of relationships with clients.

David Faunce, Prestige School Solutions

A strong, personal and team-based culture drives Netchex as a company,
and we do our best to translate these initiatives with every client interaction.

KM Consulting Simple Solutions

User-Friendly Platform

From NetGuide, to NetRecruiter, to Time and Attendance, to Payroll, the Netchex platform was developed, and continues to be developed, with the main goal of being user-friendly to admins, managers and employees alike. Prestige School Solutions has encountered multiple platforms over the years, and through and through, they find Netchex to be the most intuitive and user-friendly platform they’ve experienced. Specifically, one of their favorite features and one they find most useful are the training videos and help and support options. Netchex provides a library of quick and easy videos to provide training and answers to questions in using the platform.


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Discover why thousands of businesses
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Hear directly from our clients how Netchex’s HR solutions have led to countless customer success stories.

“If you have a good team behind you, HR is not that complicated. And Netchex is that good team. They go over and above. It’s been tremendous for our business.”

Mallory Mele

Owner of Mele Printing

Explore the benefits of
Netchex HR & payroll technology

Our technology is simple to use and quick to learn, yet robust enough to run your entire business. Manage the employee experience-from recruitment to retirement-with a comprehensive, single sign-on Human Resource software platform.

Payroll and Tax

Payroll & tax

Get employees paid faster. File taxes automatically. Everything accurate and on time. Love your payroll with flexible pay options and greater accessibility.

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Time & Attendance

Time & attendance

Track attendance, collect hours worked, and submit and approve PTO. Create and share employee schedules effortlessly.

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Benefits Administration

Benefits administration

Employee benefits made easy, straightforward, and worry-free. Empower employees to better control their benefits coverage.

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Recruiting & Onboarding

Recruiting & onboarding

An applicant tracking system with built-in intelligence combined with an innovative onboarding platform improves and simplifies your entire hiring process.

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Learning Management

Learning management

Get new hires up-to-speed. Update compliance. Diminish skill gaps and develop your workforce with consistent online education.

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Performance Management

Performance management

Set and track employee goals. Analyze and compare results. Make conducting performance reviews better with easier workflows and improved data.

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Employee Engagement

Employee engagement

Promote employee recognition. Gather impactful feedback. Facilitate better communication, stronger company culture, and a greater sense of purpose.

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Human Resources

Human resources

Critical data instantly. Support teams at the ready. Better communication, education, and engagement through improved HR workflows.

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Reproting & Analytics

Reporting & analytics

Critical data instantly and accurately. Uncover and share impactful insights. Customizable reports put a personalized spin on analytics.

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