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Ditch the clumsy three-ring orientation binder! Roll out the red carpet for your new hires with streamlined digital solutions. A Learning Management System (LMS) gives your employees (new and old alike) access to all the introductory and training material they need in one user-friendly portal.

A Learning Management System is useful for the whole company, but it’s particularly useful for onboarding new hires. Here are just a few of the ways to use an LMS with new employees.

Replace in-person meetings with self-guided lessons

Traditional in-person training has plenty of downsides. A manager or HR has to conduct in-person orientations, taking time away from other work. Group sessions can only go as fast as the slowest participant. 

When using a Learning Management System, employees log in to watch videos and click-through slideshows independently while working at their own pace. More experienced employees can move quickly through familiar information.

Take the presentations you traditionally gave in-person to new hires, and convert them to videos and self-explanatory slideshows. Without the time-consuming meetings, you’ll decrease the burden on management, HR, and new employees. It’s a win—win—win scenario.

Overview organization and amenities

Do you give a walking tour of the office to new staff? How long does it take to explain break room policies and answer questions? Did you remember to discuss parking, or lunch breaks, how the coffee machine works?

A presentation in a Learning Management System is a great alternative to verbally explaining all this information. It’s easy to forget key details during a walking tour. But an online presentation makes sure that nobody forgets to tell the new hire rules about labeling their lunch in the fridge. Even in a remote working environment, company policies and expectations can be easily explained. 

Introduce the company culture

From casual Fridays to seasonal cookouts, newcomers want to know what to expect at the office. Beyond generic mottos like “quality service,” what are the values and priorities that define your company culture?

Include practical information, such as a brief history of the company and organizational hierarchy. Within your industry, what’s special about your company’s market and approach? A detailed introduction will help new employees integrate themselves with the rest of the staff, reducing the opportunities for misunderstandings and false assumptions.

Explain benefits, PTO, and other policies

Every employee needs to be informed about benefits and other company policies. It’s a lot of information to cover, but highly important. A Learning Management System allows you to efficiently and clearly convey all that information. Compare the advantages of different benefit options. Explain how PTO is accrued and how employees should request to schedule vacations.

Unlike in-person sessions, online material won’t require the constant presence of a manager or HR representative. If questions arise, a shorter follow-up meeting or email can address those individual concerns.

Answer frequently asked questions

You’ve probably noticed how some of the new arrivals ask similar questions during orientation. From one group of trainees to the next, similar concerns are expressed. When you’re designing an LMS process, any Frequently Asked Questions can be included in your updated training.

You may also need a separate “Miscellaneous” module for material that doesn’t naturally fit elsewhere. With a quality Learning Management System, it’s easy to create your own custom sessions, tailored to the specific needs of your company.

Encourage high achievement

Kickstart a performance-based work culture by setting the right tone in early training. Although long-term employees may be hesitant of new performance management strategies, new hires provide opportunities to start with a blank slate. First impressions have a lasting impact, and enthusiasm can be contagious. Why not get new employees excited about joining an efficient and motivated team?

Set standards and monitor progress

A quality LMS like NetLearn will include built-in reporting software. Set a course for each trainee, including company-wide and department-specific material. As participants complete each training module and occasional quizzes, be sure to check in and offer encouragement. 

Each employee should understand that their progress is visible to colleagues. Depending on your company culture, departments might even compete for high scores. Communication about training progress will prepare employees for future meetings about productivity.

A Learning Management System is only one of the many software solutions your company should be using. Netchex offers a range of software for recruiting, hiring, and onboarding

Instead of relying on newspapers and posting directly to one or two job boards, you should already be taking advantage of more efficient technology. Labor-saving solutions do more than ease the burden on management; they also help you sift through applications and find the very best candidates for the job. Streamline and schedule interviews online, and fast-track the whole process. An LMS provides value to staff throughout the company, but it’s only one solution in a suite of recent innovations. Make the most of your company and staff with NetLearn, Netchex’s comprehensive Learning Management System.

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