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People insights that drive
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In today’s competitive business landscape, organizations face numerous challenges when it comes to effectively managing your workforce. The traditional landscape of analytics solutions often presents businesses with siloed, complex, hard-to-decipher tools that require significant time and effort to set up accurately.

A New Way to Think about Data

Unlike traditional reporting tools that require extensive data manipulation and analysis, Insights streamlines the process.


Effortless Data Search

HR professionals simply type their questions in plain language, and Insights delivers the answer through clear, easy-to-understand visuals and detailed data tables.


Insights goes beyond basic HR reporting, highlighting key trends and anomalies that might signal potential problems. This allows HR teams to address issues proactively before they escalate.


Data Storytelling Made Easy

Insights transforms complex data into compelling visual stories, making it simple to share findings with stakeholders and drive data-backed discussions.


Frictionless Export & Distribution

Insights allows users to seamlessly export data stories into visually impactful presentations, perfect for boardroom discussions and strategic planning.

Manage Your Business Your Way

Enhanced user experience

An enhanced user experience that offers users intuitive HR dashboards, dashboards, and insights that provide a visual representation of critical HR metrics.

  • Users can easily navigate through the product to find answers to their pressing questions, saving time, and effort.
  • Go one step further by turning these answers into pre-built presentation slides to present to management teams at a moment’s notice.

Turnover rates

Netchex identified that turnover rates were a core pain point to its customers.

  • With actionable HR insights, users can generate a turnover analysis with just a glance, easily identifying the managers, departments, and job functions with the highest turnover rates.
  • This feature enables businesses to address turnover issues promptly and take targeted actions to improve employee retention.

Historical Comparisons

Historical Comparisons can also be made, by comparing various metrics over the course of different time periods, such as quarterly or yearly.

This functionality provides valuable insights into whether various initiatives have improved or worsened the issue, helping businesses identify trends and take proactive measures.

DEI and People Metrics

Review DEI and People Metrics in the click of a button

  • Understand workforce composition, demographics, and distribution across departments and job levels.
  • Optimize workforce planning and resource allocation based on data-driven insights and set meaningful DEI goals through visualized workforce diversity metrics.

Detailed data exploration

Now users have an unprecedented amount of detailed data exploration.

Benefits of Insights for HR Teams

Reduced Time Spent on Data Analysis

Insights automates time-consuming data gathering and analysis, freeing up HR professionals to focus on strategic initiatives.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Insights empowers HR teams to make informed decisions based on real-time data and identified trends.

Improved Workforce Management

By identifying areas requiring attention, Insights helps HR teams optimize workforce performance and proactively address challenges.

Enhanced Communication & Storytelling

Insights simplifies data visualization and storytelling, enabling HR to effectively communicate insights to leadership and stakeholders with visually compelling HR dashboards.

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Customer Service Testimonials

What others have to say about Netchex’s excellent customer service:

“Everybody always wants to help, and always has a smile on the face. On the times that I have to go pickup payroll because the school’s closed, everyone is just so nice.”

Nancy Mauti

HR Support, Cedarwood School

“Netchex has been fantastic. We enjoy personalized service, we know the people that we deal with, and they bend over backward to get what we need done.”

Margaret Dethloff

Payroll Administrator, Merchants and Marine Bank

“Netchex is wonderful. Everyone has been continuously impressed by the services they provide. Back when the new ACA regulations went into place, and even now with the whole COVID-19 situation, Netchex just continues to knock it out of the park”

Laura Dickerson,

HR Director, Magee Financial

“Netchex has been in the business, and they understand what companies are looking for, what companies need, and they listen to what companies have to say what their needs are. They take care of their employers.”

Lynn Harris,

HR Director, American Messaging

We listen, we support, and we evolve with you. With Netchex, you’re never alone.