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A piecemeal approach to technology can lead to some big problems, especially when you’re building an HR system. Sure, you can find a different software provider for every solution, but there’s little hope that they will work together.

With HR software, data integration is an essential measure of software compatibility. This is why integrated technology solutions are so important—and why true single source technology is really the only way to go. 

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Discover why data integration is so important and how single-source technology is the only way to truly streamline and integrate all of your HR data. 

What is HR data integration?

Like you might have guessed, data integration is the collecting and transferring of HR information between different programs and processes. Combining data from multiple source systems creates a unified set of information for both operational and analytical purposes—a critical component of not only HR, but businesses as well.

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  • When new hires enter their names and personal information for payroll, will that information automatically transfer over to benefits paperwork?
  • Does HR staff or management need to manually transfer employee data between hourly schedules, payroll, and benefits?
  • When you’re compiling reports on hourly productivity and benefits, how many different programs do you need to access to collect data?

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Working with a single-source provider is the easiest way to keep your software solutions integrated with each other.

What is single-source technology?

Single-source technology comes from a single provider or parent company with pre-integrated services. Netchex is a true single-source technology system.

When you make your first upgrades in HR software, it’s easy to find Software As A Service (SaaS) providers that specialize in that one service. The downside of this approach is that your growing number of software providers may not be cross-compatible. Companies that provide several HR solutions have a vested interest in making those solutions pair well together.

As your investment in HR technology grows, it quickly makes much more sense to invest in a single provider. The benefits of true, single-source HR and payroll software like Netchex include automatic HR data integration.

Yes, your data should transfer automatically between related functions like timekeeping and payroll, but you also benefit from extra features like mobile accessibility and improved security. With a reliable provider like Netchex, you can expect award-winning customer service and exceptional training resources.

At Netchex, when we say single-source technology, we actually mean it. Our system has always been developed in-house, as opposed to acquiring other platforms to supplement our offering. Everything is interconnected, accurate, up-to-date, and most importantly, accessible via just one login. Altogether, this means:

  • Harmonious data flows
  • Robust Reporting
  • Complete compliance
  • Better employee experience

Why is data integration important for HR?

As with just about anything related to HR technology, data integration saves time and money, but you’ve probably heard that type of claim before (including from us—but it’s true). Here are just a few more reasons to invest in HR data integration with a single-source provider:

Greater accessibility

When you buy software from different providers, some will be more accessible than others. A few will be less user friendly, and each will have a different layout and navigation menu. 

Reporting and exported spreadsheets will need additional steps for manual collection. Data will need to be transferred for each reporting cycle, which means unnecessary work and potential for human errors.

Improve productivity and efficiency

Nobody likes to spend hours manually transferring data or answering the same repetitive questions in onboarding paperwork. Data integration can eliminate hours of tedious repetition and free up your workers to focus on more important tasks.

Identify bad data

Typos, blank fields, formatting errors, and other compatibility problems are frequent roadblocks when integrating data from several different types of software. A wrong digit or misplaced field trickles down to yield misleading results.

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Instead of identifying problems in advance, unreliable reports can lead to counterproductive decisions and policies. When bad data is wrong enough to arouse suspicions, then someone can end up spending hours tracking down the problem.

HR data integration streamlines the whole collection process and flags common issues like missed punches. Alerts and notifications are essential features of HR software for Time and Attendance.

Safer and more secure

Keeping the apps on your phone updated can be annoying enough, but multiple HR software systems can be even more of a headache. With budget providers, tech support may be lacking, and even the latest versions may have security issues.

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You have a legal and moral obligation to protect sensitive employee information and investing in a single-source HR solution reduces your exposure. Quality software for Benefits Administration will have EDI feeds and secure alternatives for Carrier Communication.

Identify trends

With integrated data, you can cross reference different sets of information. Is employee turnover or absenteeism more common for those with skill gaps or poor performance reviews? It’s easier to find smart solutions when you see multiple sides of the problem.

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Fast, automated data collection empowers your staff to catch problems earlier. Many products come with customizable alerts so that managers can respond to emerging trends like excessive overtime and habitual tardiness.

Greater analysis and reporting

The term “big data” appeared back in the mid-90s, and it has changed the way we look at complex collections of information. From benefits to productivity, your company’s data is complex and interconnected, even if you don’t have a very large workforce.

The right software makes HR Analysis and Reporting easier and faster. Instead of tracking down errors in manually processed data, your HR staff can look forward to proactive solutions.

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Improve data experience

Without HR data integration, new hires must repeatedly provide the same information on different forms and programs. Stored in different formats with different software, that siloed data is less accessible to HR staff and management.

Manual data compilation and reporting can be tedious routines for HR staff, but automatic reporting makes it easier to identify trends and anomalies. Instead of crunching numbers and triple-checking math, your HR team can look more thoughtfully at problem solving that helps the business.

Learn more about how Netchex makes HR data integration work for you:

Learn more about our HR Reporting & Analytics software. Netchex makes HR data integration easy, straightforward, and worry-free.

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