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The hiring process is certainly multi-faceted. From recruiting best practices to recruitment marketing, so much goes into the process. It all culminates with the interview (well, not really, you still have to make your final decision and onboard your new hire). Thankfully, we’ve got some interview tips to help ensure you make the right hire.

Most people think of the interview from the perspective of the interviewee. Equally, there is a significant amount of pressure and expectations for the interviewer. If you want to build a great team of employees, then you need to nail the interview process. Often the formal introduction to your company, the interview is one of the most crucial steps of the hiring process.

HR and recruiters must strive to make the interview experience a positive one before, during, and after the actual interview. Here are some things to consider at each phase of the process.

Pre-interview tips

Know what you want (and need) in the role

Make sure you’re well organized. What skills and qualifications are necessary for a new hire in this position? What qualities belong on a “wish list” because they’re more negotiable? Create a unique, clear job description that accurately reflects the position and appeals to job seekers.

Make your application easy and mobile-friendly

A huge percentage of internet traffic is on cell phones. So, if your candidate is swiping through job boards like Tinder, you want to make your job listing really stand out and easy to apply for. Get a name and contact information as early as possible. Make it easy for applicants to upload or email their resume later in the process. 

Avoid a long interview process

How many candidates should you interview? How many follow-up interviews are needed? A long interview and selection process can drive away qualified workers. There’s a good chance your applicants are applying for other jobs at the same time.

The longer a position goes empty, the harder the rest of your team has to work. Don’t wait for productivity issues or multiple vacancies before recruiting replacements.

Provide detailed directions and procedure for the interview

Make the interview process as clear and professional as possible. For candidates who don’t get the job, this interaction may shape the way they view (and talk about) your company for years afterward.

  • Provide a meeting itinerary and make it clear if the applicant should bring any documents (like resumes, references, or certifications).
  • For in-person interviews, provide clear directions to the office. Let candidates know about parking and check-in procedures.
  • For virtual interviews, you’ll want to be clear about the software, on camera or off. Everyone hates last-minute surprises and delays during the meeting. 

Prepare before each interview

Do your homework before the interview. Research each candidate and review the information they’ve provided. Know the ins-and-outs of the role you need to fill. Plan out questions ahead of time and set the pace of the meeting. If the interview feels disorganized, you won’t get the best out of your candidate.

During interview tips

Be as open and transparent as possible

If your hiring process requires three or six interviews, then let the interviewee know. Candidates don’t want to feel like you’re wasting their time or be in the dark about details. If the hiring process is going to include test assignments and weeks of waiting, then clear communication will be essential.

Be kind and present in the moment

There’s a difference between being friendly and giving false hope. You don’t want to mislead candidates, but you can still be polite and welcoming to everyone. Get yourself motivated with a positive attitude and avoid negative body language habits. Candidates will notice if you’re fidgeting or multitasking, especially if it looks like you don’t want to be there.

Showcase your company culture

You want to find new hires who work well with your existing team. Take interviewees on a tour of the office, and you can show off the amenities. The tour may provide a chance to talk about social events and give a better idea of what new hires can expect. With the right match of skills and personality, new hires can noticeably improve company culture in that department.

Post-interview tips

Share a hiring timeline

Keep in contact with applicants throughout the process. If you’re expecting to make a choice within the week, there’s no reason for people to wait a month or longer without a clue. The application process can be stressful, but there’s no need for uncertainty about whether your company just forgot about them or chose to leave the position vacant.

Always follow-up

“Ghosting” has become a normal part of online dating, but your company doesn’t need to carry that trend into the professional sphere. It’s very common for job applicants to hear zero response from potential employers, but your company should make a point of following up with everyone you interview. If people have taken the time to interview, then you can at least let them know when you’ve made a decision. Whether it’s good or bad news, the transparency will be appreciated.

With recruiting and onboarding software, you can easily keep track of applicants and integrate new hires into your system. 

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