The Multifaceted Work of an HR Employee | Netchex Payroll Software
September 18, 2013

Unless you work in Human Resources yourself, it is difficult to understand the wide scope of what employees in this area do. Below are some aspects of Human Resources work you may not have considered.

One major job for Human Resources is recruiting employees for the company. This can run the whole gamut from writing job descriptions to running new employee orientation. Human Resources employees travel to community job fairs and college career fairs, screen resumes, and handle follow-up with potential candidates. They may also be partly or entirely in charge of the interviewing and hiring process.

Human Resources employees also help to shape policy for a company. A company employee with a grievance is likely to raise the issue with Human Resources first, which puts them in the unique position to identify if changes to policies and procedures need to occur in order to keep the workplace running smoothly. Examples of this include implementing a policy regarding cell phone use in the office, setting rules regarding taking smoke breaks, changing policies to be in compliance with a new government law, or setting policies regarding benefits eligibility.

The Human Resources office is largely responsible for employee training and professional development. For new employees, they handle orientation and benefits training. For current employees, they offer training on a variety of subjects, such as how to be a better manager, understanding sexual harassment laws, improving computer skills, understanding the performance review process, and making the most of your benefits.

Human Resources employees sometimes have to deal with unpleasant tasks as well. These include handing down disciplinary action to employees that have violated the rules, and employee job termination. These tasks require both compassion to the employees and strict attention to detail when completing the paperwork involved.

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