HR Technology: Why NOW is the Right Time to Switch to Netchex - Netchex

The HR calendar is full year-round, especially in the latter half of the year. From open enrollment to taxes, there is so much to plan, analyze, and report. HR professionals barely have time to breathe, much less get anything else done.  

Thankfully, HR technology is designed to make the administrative side of HR easier, smarter, and more efficient year-round, not just at year-end (but we are here to help then too!). 

If your current HR technology doesn’t make your job easier and company run smoother (or if you have yet to even try out HR technology), then NOW is the perfect time to switch to Netchex before the end of the year consumes your time.  

▶  In time for Open Enrollment… 

Receive benefits administration help with your company’s annual open enrollment. 

  • Easier enrollment and more comprehensive management empower employees to better control their own benefits coverage. 
  • Eliminate the paper and manual tasks associated with enrollment, carrier communication, and benefits administration. 

▶  In time for Year-End…

 Avoid penalties, late fees, and audits associated with taxes and additional year-end to-dos. 

  • With HR technology like Netchex, automated taxes and reporting keep you compliant and ensure accuracy, including electronic IRS filing and pay withdrawals, quarterly online tax statements, and W-2 previews. 
  • Employees will still only get one W-2 at the end of the year. 

▶ In time for the New Year…

What better way to start off the new year than with a fresh January 1 start? 

  • After year-end budget audits, use HR technology to save money across the company by eliminating waste, streamlining processes, and getting the most out of HR. 

Still on the fence about HR technology? Have some concerns about Netchex? Keep reading.  

Do we really need HR technology? 

The shift towards technology in the workplace was already well underway before recent events made HR technology a NECESSITY. Today’s modern workforce wants and expects technology.  

  • If your company HAS NOT invested in HR technology, now is the time to do it in order to maximize your company’s potential—or risk falling behind.  
  • If your company ALREADY HAS some form of HR technology, now is the time to evaluate ROI and seek further improvements to all your HR processes. 

Will HR technology replace my job? 

Absolutely not! Netchex is designed to make the administrative side of HR easier by saving time, energy, and money. This enables HR to focus on engaging with your company’s most important asset—people.   

Will we be paying for services we don’t need? 

No, Netchex allows you to customize your experience to only the services that will make a positive impact on your company and boost engagement. Our sales process is personalized to tailor fit our HR technology to your company’s needs. Next, our Client Success reps ensure you are getting the most out of the Netchex system, including features that you might not know you have.   

Will setup take too long?  

A streamlined implementation process gets your company up and running on the Netchex system as soon as possible. The implementation process is built upon several quick turnaround dates for our team. The whole process can move as smoothly and quickly as your team helps move it along. 

Is HR technology difficult for admins to learn or employees to use? 

Definitely not! We designed our HR technology with employees in mind, making it easy for them to find exactly what they need. We crafted a rollout plan for admins and employees—consisting of training, documentation, and personalized assistance from our award-winning client service team.