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Netchex is more than a payroll company—so much more. We believe there is an easier, more comprehensive way to run all of your HR processes thanks to first-rate technology and better resources. With our full suite of Human Resources technology, Netchex enables thousands of businesses to work better with less work.

We understand there are a ton of options when it comes to HR technology, and we thank you for visiting our website and considering Netchex. 

Despite the crowded Human Resources software marketplace, we are confident Netchex is the best option for businesses of all sizes across countless industries.

Learn more about how Netchex stacks up against even our biggest competitors

Three big things help Netchex stand out from the competition:

Top-Ranked Technology

Streamlines processes | Increase engagement | Improve communication

Named the easiest-to-use payroll and HR software, our technology is simple to use and quick to learn, yet robust enough to run your entire business. Manage the employee experience—from recruitment to retirement—with a comprehensive, single sign-on Human Resource software platform.

More than just payroll

Easy to use, yet powerful

True single-source

Improved mobile accessibility

Quick & easy implementation

Updated & adaptable

Safe & secure

Empowering employees

Accurate & insightful analytics

Award-Winning Service

Professional & proactive | Industry expertise | Continuous service training

We’re fanatic about customer service—and we have the stats and awards to prove it. Thanks to our highly personalized and proactive approach to service, Netchex has one of the highest customer satisfaction scores in the industry.

Professional & proactive service

Expertise to handle any service issue

Maximizing Netchex services

Continuous training for service reps

Unmatched Training & Resources

Client education & training | Industry tips & trends | Client community

From implementation and training to resources and a sense of community, Netchex is right there with you every step of the way. In an ever-changing HR world, you need a never-ending source for industry knowledge and insights.

Custom client education & training

Client community (Netchex University)

Netchex Content Library

Additional Resources

What Clients Have to Say About Netchex

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More about

Netchex’s Top-Ranked Technology

More than just Payroll

Netchex offers a full lineup of Human Resource software solutions to manage and improve the entire employee lifecycle. These include:

Easy to use, yet powerful

Netchex HR software is designed for everyone to easily learn and use—from HR and payroll admins to managers and everyday employees. We offer in-depth training, comprehensive documentation, and continual resources for all of our HR technology solutions. 

User experience is a major component throughout the Netchex system. We rigorously design, build, and test every aspect of our software from an end user perspective. In an effort to continuously improve, we graciously accept feedback and suggestions from everyday users.   

True single-source

A lot of companies say they are single-source, when in reality, they are really a hodgepodge of disconnected systems. This leads to inconsistent data, process gaps, and more time spent and manual work. 

At Netchex, when we say single-source technology, we actually mean it. Our system has always been developed in-house, as opposed to acquiring other platforms to supplement our offering. Everything is interconnected, accurate, up-to-date, and most importantly, accessible via just one login. That means:

Harmonious data flows

Robust Reporting

Complete compliance

Better employee experience

Improved mobile accessibility

Developed with today’s on-the-go and ever-shifting workforce in mind, our recently updated app simplifies, yet enhances the admin and employee experience. The Netchex mobile app makes everyday payroll, time and attendance, benefits, and all other HR-related functions easier to access anytime, anywhere.

The Netchex mobile app is available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play (Android).

Quick and easy implementation process

A lot of HR software companies are vague about the implementation process—or worse, make false promises about the timeline. At Netchex, we believe in being transparent. Each client is assigned an Implementation Lead to: 

  • Guide you through the conversion process
  • Introduce Netchex
  • Run a mock payroll, and ultimately, your first successful monthly payroll

Depending on features and services, the relationship between the client and Implementation Team typically lasts around 60 days. From there, you will transition to your dedicated Netchex Service Team.

Adaptable and regularly updated

Technology can only take you so far if it remains passive. The workplace and HR industry are constantly changing. To stay current, your Human Resources software needs to be able to adapt and improve at the same pace.

Netchex has proven to be a very agile and adaptable technology over the years. We are constantly working to improve our products and services, including releasing new technology solutions and updating existing ones. 

Additionally, Netchex technology is quickly able to respond to new requirements and regulations because our development team is in-house and the foundation of our technology is our own.  

Safe and secure

Netchex is recognized as a safe and trustworthy payroll and HR software company. We are governed by strict policies and oversight which have allowed us to confidently guarantee compliance to our clients for almost 20 years. We have multiple checks and balances in place with dual authorization and a segregation of duties, ensuring several levels of fraud prevention.

We take our clients’ trust very seriously. We collaborate with experts to ensure we are using the most secure procedures for handling our clients’ money. Additionally, we maintain up-to-date accreditations, including Nacha certification.

Employee engagement and empowerment

At Netchex, our HR and payroll software solutions are based on current and emerging HR trends. Each solution is designed with two key factors at the forefront:

Improving employee experience

Simplifying HR processes

By empowering employees to take ownership of their HR functions, companies can improve the overall employee experience. Netchex HR technology with employee self-service allows your employees to access their own employee information and resolve tasks that might otherwise require a manager or Human Resources personnel.

HR involves lots of moving parts. Managing these HR processes is time consuming—and at times, complicated. Netchex HCM technology enables HR to better manage the hiring, development, and administration of employees through the implementation of various policies governing workers and the relationship of the organization with its employees.

Accurate reporting & insightful analytics

One of the best and most important features of HR technology is an abundance of data and reporting capabilities. But not all reporting features are created equal. Netchex puts powerful reporting and analytics at your fingertips.

Netchex’s report-builder, flexible formats, and point & click features let you put a personalized spin on analytics with all of your company’s data accessible in one place—up-to-the-minute and accurate. Build highly customizable reports that allow HR to uncover and share impactful insights to help your company make better business decisions.

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More about

Netchex’s Award-Winning Customer Service

Professional & proactive service

At Netchex, we take a team-based approach to service. Every Netchex client is assigned a dedicated service team that learns their business inside and out. This allows customers to establish a familiar and trusting relationship with our service staff.

By assigning specialization within each service team, we can provide the quickest and most accurate support possible. Additionally, we set aggressive Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for our customers to ensure that all support requests are properly prioritized and addressed—or resolved before they even become issues. 

Expertise to handle any service issue

The underlying problem with many service teams, especially when it comes to HR technology, is a lack of expertise. This can lead to a stressful, time-consuming, and ultimately, unsatisfying service experience. Long hold times, endless transfers, and a lack of response. But not at Netchex.

With our service teams, we build in a level of specialization that allows teams to tackle any issue quickly and accurately. From general support to product specifics, Netchex guarantees to solve any issue, including payroll, tax, benefits, file feeds, COBRA, and compliance

Ensures your team is maximizing Netchex

Maximizing your Netchex experience begins during implementation. Each client is assigned a single Implementation Lead to guide you through the conversion process. During this time, clients are introduced to all your Netchex features through your first few months.

Upon completion of Implementation, clients are assigned to their dedicated service team, as well as their Client Success Manager who will periodically check-in to review all support tickets, schedule ongoing Netchex training needs, and explore adding additional HR solutions that might benefit your company.  

Continuous training for service reps

Training is an essential part of our service team from day one. Netchex Payroll Certification teaches all aspects of Netchex navigation over the first 90 days of employment. Additionally, all service team members take part in annual training to:

  • Ensure quality
  • Enforce data security
  • Prepare for all customer needs at year-end

The Netchex service training doesn’t end there. All operations associates participate in an FPC training program administered by the American Payroll Association, as well as additional service and industry certifications.

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More about

Netchex’s Unmatched Training & Resources

Custom client education & training

Training is the key to understanding and maximizing technology. At Netchex, our entire core training series curriculum is hosted within our in-house Learning Management System (LMS). This includes:

Netchex U is our exclusive client engagement community. Netchex admins from around the country complete challenges, share insights and stories, and earn rewards for participation in things like training, webinars, surveys, social media, beta testing, advocacy, and more.

With Netchex University, you’re able to:

Earn and redeem points towards great rewards

Gain more knowledge and experience with the Netchex system

Voice your opinion to help Netchex grow and adapt to your needs as a user

Network with other advocates, as well as industry leaders & experts 

Additional Resources

In an ever-changing HR world, you need a never-ending source for industry knowledge and insights. Netchex has you covered—in more ways than one.

We can help you stay informed on the latest HR industry insights, news, and tips—straight from the pros at Netchex!  

From eBooks and competitor comparisons to case studies and infographics, we’ve got everything you need to get the most out of your HR software.

Run your business and help your employees plan for important financial decisions with our exclusive paycheck, salary, bonus, tax, and 401(k) calculators.

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