New Netchex Updates Improve Company Compliance and User Experience - Netchex

As HR professionals, payroll administrators, and C-suite executives, you already know that our industry changes a lot. From recent legislation and compliance concerns to new technology and an evolving workforce, there is much to know and be aware of in order to keep your business safe, your job easy, and fellow employees happy.

As part of our company mission and commitment to clients, Netchex strives to make it easy to stay up-to-date on industry changes and remain compliant with new legislation by regularly updating our payroll software system. 

Netchex’s latest payroll software update accomplishes exactly that and more, including multiple updates to improve user experience and accessibility. 

Keeping our clients in compliance

California Employee Breaks Compliance 

California has specific rules regarding how long and how frequently employers must offer breaks to their employees. To help keep our California employers in compliance, this release will alert employees that they have remaining time on their required 30-minute Meal or 10 minute Rest period if they attempt to punch in early.

Additionally, if an employee does not take the required Meal/Rest period, the time card will automatically add a penalty hour paid at the employee’s Regular Rate of Pay, per California law.

American Rescue Plan Act – COBRA Administration

The latest COVID relief legislation went into effect on April 1, 2021. It extends the COBRA election period for American Rescue Plan Act Assistance Eligible Individuals (AEIs).

To qualify as an AEI and receive 100% COBRA subsidy from April 1 – September 30, 2021, employees must have experienced a:

  • reduction of hours,
  • dependent loss, or
  • involuntary termination

Since ARPA is new legislation and outside of the administrative functions of Netchex’s current NetCOBRA service terms, Netchex is offering an ARPA–NetCOBRA Service Package to clients. 

If you would like Netchex’s help in managing these notices and benefits, you must opt-in for the NetCOBRA-ARPA Service Package. Contact your company’s Netchex Service Representative ASAP, or create a case within the Netchex system to take advantage of this new feature. 

Continuously improving user experience

Manager Mobile Time and Attendance

With an increased focus on mobile functionality in the workplace, ensuring employees and management have 24/7 mobile access to HR technology is critical.  At Netchex, we are continually making improvements to our mobile experience.

The Mobile Timecard displays employee time punches and earnings in a sleek, mobile-friendly view within our payroll software. With expanding details and adjustable pay periods, employees can see all the necessary information on their Timecard, as well as approve their time right from their phone screen.

Timecard File Upload

This update gives users (employees, managers, and admins) the ability to upload an Employee File to the Timecard page and have it associated with a specific Pay Period. The file will show within our payroll software when viewing the Pay Period it was uploaded to, as well as in the list on the Employee Files page.