Switching Payroll Provider: Common Mistakes | Netchex Software
February 9, 2017

Switching payroll solutions may be the answer to your HR prayers. Better efficiency. Advanced reporting. Streamlined processes. More collaboration. However, before you make the switcheroo, you’ll want to avoid these common pitfalls to ensure a smooth transition and benefit from maximum ROI.

Mistake #1 – Due Diligence – Got References?
The latest and greatest payroll systems ALWAYS appear shinier and more attractive than they really are. But, dig a little deeper – do a little homework – and that shiny sheen may lose its luster quickly. Before you sign on the dotted line or check the “I Accept” box, make sure you’ve done the research. Online and peer reviews may tell a very different story than the company is pitching. A new startup, platform or technology might not be backed by the expertise you need to answer all questions – and an unfriendly FAQ page just won’t cut it. Where’s the insight to overcome complex business challenges? The experienced professionals with acumen to direct success? In today’s world of extreme transparency, there’s no shortage of ways to vet a service provider. At Netchex, we welcome the opportunity to check references, discuss client partnerships that results in 97% retention rate year over year, and we want you to know about our long-standing commitment to excellence in the HR industry. If a company isn’t forthright with such detail, and is shrouded in ambiguity – question their character and integrity.

Mistake # 2 – The Kitchen Sink – Don’t Get Sucked in By All or Nothing
You’ve heard the colloquial phrase– if we ain’t got it, you don’t need it. But, just because it’s available doesn’t mean it’s needed (at least not right away). You want a better way to run payroll. So why are you also paying for benefits administration? All too often companies get hustled by the notion that more is better. But what you really want to do is invest in an HR solution that will grow with your business. And those are two very different ideas. What you shouldn’t be doing is paying for supplemental services while they’re not being used. At Netchex, we offer a full suite of AUTHENTIC HCM management solutions. Which simply means that from the start ups to the established business, our hire to retire services are tailored to meet your unique real-time requirements. Sure, you can have it all…or, let us help you build the right human resources solution with a-la-carte services designed to complement existing processes. We provide what you need, when you need it. Our HCM technology integrates seamlessly with other systems so you can pick and choose and only pay for what you need.

Mistake #3 – The Big Chill – Instilling Fear Rather than Confidence.
Most companies are met with a chilly response from employees when hearing their inefficient, yet comfortable, processes are about to change. The doom and gloom of learning new payroll platforms, acclimating to new HR systems, and training subsequent staff can be an ominous thought that will spiral viral throughout a company in no time. And, communication is often the culprit. At Netchex, we encourage companies to accentuate the positive. Start out by relaying the benefits of the solution and how it will make their lives easier. Emphasize the swift, seamless transition, the streamlining of processes, and ultimately the reduced workload which comes with automating tasks and offloading the responsibilities to us. Do this, and you’ll notice a team eager to engage with a new interface and one that’s rolling out the welcome mat when switching HR services.

Mistake #4 – Here It Is… Now Off You Go! – Skipping the Getting to Know You
You wouldn’t start a new employee off without making the introductions first. So why would you implement a new payroll system without doing the same? Yet most companies forget that an HR solution is typically used by a lot of different people (if not the entire company), and often launched without a proper how-do-you-do – resulting in confusion and kerfuffle. The most effective way to prepare your team for a new payroll system is to begin acclimating prior to implementation. Whether it’s a few days or a few weeks before rolling it out, we suggest gathering your team for a brief, informal presentation to introduce them to their newest partner in HR. Give your employees the opportunity to play around in the system, familiarize themselves with tools and the interface, and view online tutorials on their own time. Day one shouldn’t be an ice-breaker, it should be a big motivator.

Switching payroll or HCM solutions shouldn’t be a difficult process. At Netchex, we make it easy for you to transition your payroll, HR, benefits, time & attendance, and compliance tasks to our solutions. And, our friendly staff of experts are always on hand when you need us. Learn why more companies switch to Netchex after using ADP, Paychex, and Paylocity, and how upgrading from manual processes can make give you a competitive edge in the HR.