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In a recent survey of hiring managers and HR professionals in the hospitality industry, Hireology (one of our trusted HR technology partners) found that: 

53% listed “outdated and inefficient HR technology” as their team’s greatest challenge in 2023

No one is questioning the benefits of HR technology, but rather not leveraging HR technology effectively is the issue. Outdated and inadequate use of technology diminishes expected return on investment, which could mean:

Don’t render HR technology—an otherwise powerful tool— ineffective.

Like many industries, the hotel and hospitality industry was hit hard by the years-long pandemic. As a whole, the hospitality industry is still playing catch up when it comes to filling open positions lost during this time—and ineffective HR technology is the main culprit.

When used to its fullest capabilities, modern HR technology enables HR and hiring professionals to perform countless critical tasks—from payroll and timekeeping to recruiting and employee engagement. HR tech provides a centralized hub for employees, managers, and HR to manage the entire employee lifecycle in an accessible, convenient, and consistent way.

8 signs your employee benefits technology is outdated

Still relying on manual processes 

One of main draws of HR technology is automation. In today’s business world, HR professionals are responsible for far more than mundane tasks and paperwork. HR technology should make your day-to-day HR administration work easier, not harder.

Constantly dealing with issues, bugs, and poor service

Is a report you need constantly unavailable? Are employees unable to clock in or check their pay stub? Does your technology provider keep you on hold forever? HR can’t afford to settle for recurring issues like these and lack of care from your provider. 

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Poor or non-existent technology integrations

A lot of companies say they are single-source, when in reality, they are really a hodgepodge of disconnected systems. This leads to inconsistent data, process gaps, and more time spent and manual work. When Netchex says true single-source, we mean it.

Additionally, how well does your current HR technology integrate with others, like accounting software or POS systems? Netchex’s integrations make your tools work better through secure data sharing with other industry-leading solutions.

Ineffective recruiting and onboarding processes

The hiring process is a costly and time-consuming endeavor. Your HR technology should ensure a better recruiting experience, which in turn, sets up a more effective and consistent onboarding procedure. When you are better at recruiting and onboarding, employee retention is easier as well.

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Continued legal and compliance concerns

A main area of focus for most HR teams is fulfilling various compliance requirements. From equal opportunity hiring to overtime regulations, HR technology is designed to take on the heavy lifting of the ever-changing world of compliance. 

Growing security concerns

HR data is some of the most sensitive information your company must protect, including employee records, payroll and banking info, and health and benefits material. The high security vulnerability of older technology solutions is an unacceptable risk for any company, regardless of industry and size.

Lack of employee engagement features

HR’s role has shifted significantly over the past few years, from more administrative to key decision-makers in an organization’s culture. Much of transition comes from an increased focus on employee engagement and well-being. HR technology must be more agile to incorporate important emerging HR trends into their solutions.

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Inaccurate or out-of-date data

Data is the lifeblood of modern businesses and the very best technology solutions. Older technology systems are more susceptible to disconnected and inaccurate data, reporting delays, and lack of critical insight needed to make important business decisions.

Using the right HR technology for multi-location hospitality businesses

Accessibility and consistency are particularly valuable for the hospitality industry’s multi-location businesses. Most HR and administrative tasks get more complicated when you go beyond a single location.

So, the question arises: How do you utilize HR technology to its full capabilities across several locations?

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It’s time to leverage the power of HR technology!

Your employees will benefit, as will your HR team and your budget. Making smart investments and keeping the long term in mind can truly transform your organization and set you up for a long and flourishing future. What tools will you be checking out first?

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