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Unemployment Insurance Fraud: How to Protect Your Company and Employees

While many tech companies employ safeguards around clients’ data, protecting this data is a shared responsibility. Reviewing and sharing resources (such as this article) with your organization are great ways to help ensure you are doing everything you can to protect your data. Working together to protect data is the only way to truly keep […]

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Respect, Change, and Action.

Below is an abridged version of an email Netchex CEO Will Boudreaux sent internally to all Netchex employees. We are now sharing it publicly because we think it is important to use our platform to spread support and ensure our community knows where we stand as a company. “Last night, I had 4 hours of […]

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Performance Management: Collecting and Utilizing The Right Employee Review Data

Performance reviews might seem simple and self-explanatory at first, but they require careful preparation beforehand and detailed analysis afterward. Team leaders might feel they know which employees are doing better than others (and they’re usually correct), but it would be dangerous to improvise reviews without objective performance metrics to guide the discussion. When performance management […]

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Back to Business

  With social isolating in full effect as a way to flatten the curve, people are discovering ways to still take care of what needs to be done. From working remotely and online grocery orders to teleconferencing with family and friends, virtual experiences are proving to not only be easy and accommodating but essential. This […]

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