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About Roswell Pediatric Center, PC

Roswell Pediatrics are a group practice of board-certified pediatricians and pediatric nurse practitioners who specialize in the care of infants, children, and adolescents. They have three medical offices located in Alpharetta, Crabapple, and Cumming. Their mission is to partner with families to achieve exceptional medical care with compassion and respect.

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Life Before Netchex

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) created additional reporting and tracking requirements for Roswell Pediatric Center, so they needed a system that could ensure they were ACA compliant with full-time equivalency (FTE) tracking, and they didn’t have that with ADP. At the time, they were also unhappy with ADP’s employee engagement process, which required manual tracking of processes like paid-time off, accruals and onboarding. They wanted a clearer presentation of paystub information for their employees. When they made the switch to Netchex in 2015, our web-based, integrated solutions gave Roswell Pediatric complete control over payroll, benefits and human resources information.

Netchex Services

  • Time & Attendance
  • Management Self-Service
  • NetGuide
  • NetBenefits

Why We Were (And Are) The Best Solution

Their ACA concerns were eased with our ACA Central Dashboard, which generates and distributes required documents to both the IRS and employees, also providing FTE calculations. The automated tracking and reporting of our Time and Attendance solution lets Roswell’s team eliminate manual tracking of paid time off accruals, EEO reports and more. Employees have access to W-2s, total compensation statements, payment history and other necessary documents on their personal dashboards.

With NetGuide, their new hires are onboarded with immediate compliance with no manual work for their team. And after they’re onboarded, NetGuide continues to handle complete employee life-cycle management, including custom tasks for different employee types and duties. NetGuide offers a central location for new hires to view company orientations, trainings, as well as certification renewals and performance reviews. This robust tool allows Roswell’s team to focus on finding highly skilled and caring doctors and nurse practitioners.

“The support team is always helpful, professional, and cheerful!”
Mary Nickerson
Bookkeeper and HR Support

If Roswell’s team ever needs assistance, they know they can rely on their Netchex Client Advocate and service team to get their issue resolved quickly, accurately and in a positive manner. Overall, employee engagement has improved by giving their employees better access to their own information and putting the focus on them, while their HR team can hone their focus where it needs to be.

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