Why Is Employee Engagement Important? | Netchex Hiring Software
March 21, 2018

Most of today’s Human Capital Management (HCM) platforms tout capabilities that increase employee engagement. However, the authentic HR partner – those with experts and industry insight – knows that features and functionality are far from what defines employee engagement. Rather, it’s the employees themselves that play an integral role in an engaged workforce.

Engagement Starts at Help Wanted

With an emphasis on employee engagement and company spending to support such efforts at an all-time high, one would think that satisfaction levels and productivity are skyrocketing. But that’s simply not the case. In fact, it’s slowly declining.

HCM solutions are being implemented ad nauseum in the hopes that self-service features and on-demand accessibility will lead to increased job satisfaction and ultimately – increased ROI. And while these capabilities have proven to be invaluable, true employee engagement efforts start with the initial recruiting, hiring, and building of teams.

Company Culture and Employee Engagement

It’s no secret that a company’s culture epitomizes their corporate persona. From the trendy, open and collaborative workspaces, to the Friday afternoon wine and cheese tastings, more brands are becoming synonymous with their workplace identity. It’s this company culture, not the DIY features being pushed by every new technology entering the sector, that is the true driving force behind employee engagement and workplace satisfaction. And, a company’s culture is born from its people.

With Human Resources at the helm of hiring, these individuals are tasked with evolving the company culture with the teams they help to build. Therefore, strategic recruiting should be at the center of employee engagement efforts. Unfortunately, hiring – though critically impactful for any organization – is just one of the numerous tasks that falls under the responsibility of this department. Therefore, streamlined, intelligent recruiting becomes the influential force behind employee engagement.

Strategic Hiring = Engaged Workforce

While employees enjoy the everyday benefits of managing their PTO, reviewing payroll history, and selective benefits capabilities, it’s the HR professional that needs the most support when it comes to time and labor-intensive recruiting.

Netchex, a leading HCM partner for businesses throughout the U.S., addresses the needs of Human Resources Administrators and hiring professionals through intuitive technology that expedites the hiring of top talent.

In a pool of hundreds of candidates, our quantitative algorithms prequalify top prospects and provides a short list of those to vet. Integrated scheduling tools reduces the likelihood of conflicts. Collaborative interviewing with candidate scoring ensures that all stakeholders are offered a chance to weigh in and consider a prospect. These attributes not only streamline the interviewing process, but also expedite hiring to avoid operational slowdowns, time away from mission-critical tasks, and avoid the expense of headhunter and placement fees from a third-party agency.

Netchex Builds Engaged Teams

Before you make an offer, make sure you’ve got the right individual for the job. With Netchex applicant tracking system (ATS) and team of dedicated pros behind you, your company can build a stronger, more engaged workforce. We make the decision-making that much more decisive. In addition to having the skillset to do the job, you onboard a professional with like-minded personality that will enhance your company culture and bring something of themselves to the team.

Contact us to learn about Netchex’s HCM solutions and our team of experts that are with you every step of the way to support today’s bustling HR Departments. Learn about our complete suite of services including payroll, compliance, recruiting, time and labor, and benefits management that simplify the business of HR.

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