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The State of HR eBook

The annual SHRM conference was held in New Orleans. Whether you were able to attend or missed out, here are the top lessons learned from the big event.

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HR 101 eBook

Human Resources covers every aspect of the employee tenure—from hire to retire. Discover how HR technology can help you elevate your company’s Human Resources Management and optimize the entire employee lifecycle.

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CFO & HR Toolkit

For the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), a new job means a host of new responsibilities and expectations. Finance executives might have a reputation for being all about the numbers, but first and foremost, they are leaders and big picture thinkers.

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90 Checklist for New CFOs

Whether brand new to the role or taking over at a new company, CFOs need to make a positive impression quickly. Utilize our First 90-Days CFO Checklist to set your tenure up for success by ticking off these critical first steps and essential to-dos.

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CFO’s Responsibilities Infographic

In recent years, the role of CFO has shifted from financial overseer to one responsible for the growth and transformation of a business. Evolved into a hybrid jack-of-trades, a CFO’s influence now stretches throughout numerous departments company-wide. Discover the expanded responsibilities of a CFO in our highly informative infographic.

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Mobile App Video

Optimized for today’s on the go workforce, Netchex’s mobile app simplifies and enhances the everyday experince of payroll, timekeeping, and other HR related functions for both employees and managers.

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Helping Hands Video

With all that is going on in the world today, people and charitible organizations need your support. Developed as a response to current events, Netchex’s new Helping Hands feature enables companies to improve employee engagement by connnecting on imporant issues and making a positive impact through workplace giving.

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Netchex Overview Video

You’ve never seen HR, Payroll, and Benefits done quite like this. Netchex is a pawerful HR technology solution that enables thousands of businesses to work better with less work everyday

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Netchex Mobile Overview

Optimized for today’s on-the-go workforce, your employees can now harness the power of the Netchex system from their phone with our new Netchex Employee Experience Mobile App.

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Netchex Not Impacted by SVB & Signature Bank Closures