Benefits of Applicant Tracking Systems | Netchex Hiring Software
March 24, 2015

In today’s tight job market, you may find that a single job posting results in your company receiving thousands of resumes. It could take your Human Resources staff days to sort through them all to find the most qualified applicants for you to interview. As a business owner, you can greatly accelerate this process by purchasing an applicant tracking system for your company. An applicant tracking system is a software package that will enable your Human Resources Department to handle all of your recruitment needs electronically.

By purchasing an applicant tracking system, your business will see a number of benefits. First, you will be easing the already overwhelming workload of your company’s recruiters. The greatest way the system does this is by screening resumes for keywords that indicate the individual is qualified for the position, which serves to narrow how many resumes your staff should review for potential interviews. The system also saves time by handling the tasks of job posting and interview scheduling. This should reduce your administrative and personnel costs, as your Human Resources team will not need to put in as much overtime to get their jobs done. Furthermore, it will free up some of their time during the workday to handle issues pertaining to your current employees.

By using an applicant tracking system, you will find yourself greatly satisfied with the quality of your new hires. The system will screen applicants for specific characteristics that you set, which will not be subject to the subjectivity which might come with screening by hand. Additionally, with a shorter processing time between application and hire, you are more likely to acquire your first choice candidate for the job before another company does. Finally, you can rest easy knowing that thanks to your applicant tracking system, your hiring process is fully legally compliant and in line with your company’s hiring goals for diversity.

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