Get the Guide to Onboarding with this Netchex Infographic

March 12, 2018

Onboarding a new employee is more than just welcoming them to the team. As an integral function of HR, the significance of the onboarding process carries implications that can affect payroll, benefits, time and labor, and an employee’s adaption within a company.
From compliance to familiarization, this initial step in the employee lifecycle management process can be tedious for HR, and even more stressful for new hires. However, implementing the right HR technology can streamline onboarding and make your newest member feel right at home.

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Netchex partners with companies throughout the U.S. to provide innovative HR solutions that drive today’s businesses. We ease this process through intuitive capabilities and automation that swiftly and accurately onboards new employees. Take a look at the ways Netchex offers better onboarding solutions for clients