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December 15, 2016

Now Playing: Office Christmas Party, in a theater near you. Where you will be treated to co-workers hosting an epic soiree with limitless hijinks and R-rated humor. In real-life however, you may want to keep it PG.

The holidays bring forth spirited merriment among colleagues, and the office holiday party is at the epicenter of this good cheer. It also happens to be the biggest morning after regret that some employees end up feeling well into the new year.

To avoid the holiday party hangover of embarrassment, there are a few things you should consider before showing up at this annual event.

1) Plus One? – Before you make a grand entrance with your significant other, make sure they’re on the list. If you are unsure as to whether guests are invited to your holiday event, check with the organizer. And, cardinal rule of sin – never show up with an entourage. If you are able to bring guests, make sure it’s a plus one or members of the immediate family.

2. Attire to Admire – Many corporate holiday parties are held in venues outside of the workplace. And of course, you want to get dolled up and look the part. However, before you strut your stuff in that little too little black dress, or wear your favorite duds that turn heads at clubs, remember this is still a business event. Air on the side of conservative while still looking your best.
3. Do mingle. Do not gossip. – You don’t have to consider a holiday party to be a networking event. However, this may be an opportune time to introduce yourself or make small talk with employees and executives you don’t necessarily work with on a regular basis. With those you have a good report, it’s ok to be outgoing but taper the gossip. Don’t be the one to stir up the drama at your company’s festive event.
4. apps and entrees like you’ve never seen food before. Nor should you take advantage of an open bar with non-stop libations that could open you up to post-party humiliation and ridicule. What you want to do is partake in the celebrations while maintaining your professionalism and respect for your employer. To quote Dr. Seuss, “…it’s fun to have fun but you have to know how.”
5. Post-Worthy Pics – Go on, check into that venue. We know you’re dying to let everyone in your social network know that you have earned an end of year celebration. However, not everyone at the party wants to show up in your feed. Before you snap the pics that go viral, stop and think about whether you should post them online. Tag your friends, spare your colleagues.

Corporate holiday parties are a way to show the company’s gratitude toward employees. Consider reciprocating. Don’t hesitate to seek out your host, or the staff who worked hard to plan the event before the affair comes to an end. Thank them for the invitation, and compliment them on their efforts for a wonderful party.

A memorable holiday event in a company doesn’t have to end at the expense of yourself or another. It should be a fun-filled occasion that is talked about in a positive light for weeks to come. Stay mindful of these simple tips and enjoy this light-hearted time with your team.

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