Integrated Employee Time and Attendance System | Netchex
December 27, 2013

The decision to incorporate an employee time and attendance system into your current payroll software offers many advantages to your company. The end result of such a system should be increased control over labor costs, more efficient workforce administration, and more accurate payroll processing. However, because most tracking systems place the responsibility on the individual employee to log his or her own time, it is imperative that your entire staff know how such a system can be of benefit to them. Below are ways in which an integrated employee time and attendance system can be of benefit to your staff.

Everyone has bills to pay, and absolutely no one wants to be inadvertently 3shorted on their paycheck. Therefore, it is important to assure your employees the system will help their paychecks be more accurate. Having a punch clock or computer to log exact start and stop times will produce a more clear record of actual time worked than a paper timesheet which is subject to be misinterpreted due to smudges or illegible handwriting. An automated system will also automatically calculate total hours, eliminating potential human error in the mathematics.

Your employees who arrive on time and work their designated hours will have a sense of increased fairness with an integrated employee time and attendance system. They can be assured that if they see less diligent colleagues arriving late, leaving early, or taking extra-long lunch breaks, this will be reflected in their timekeeping record.

Your employees will experience an increased sense of job satisfaction in knowing there is accurate written proof of the time they put into the company. This is especially true of employees who are continually working overtime on special projects. They can also be assured that if a particular person or team seems to be working harder than others, the situation will come to the attention of management through the employee time and attendance system.

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