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February 11, 2016

Location, location, location…it’s one of the keys to your competitive edge. That’s why many in the hospitality industry operate multiple properties in different prime locations. But multiple worksites can come with its own host of challenges; communication being one of the toughest. A breakdown in communication between your properties can result in poor customer service, low staff morale and high employee turnover.

The tips below are designed to help you effectively communicate and manage teams across multiple locations.

1) Out of “Site” out of mind

It is not uncommon for staff at multiple locations to feel forgotten about or out of touch with the corporate office. This can often lead to a fractured guest experience when other locations are not operating under the standard of excellence you have set forth. So how do you avoid the out of “site” out of mind syndrome?

  • Schedule monthly/semi-monthly visits to each location. Include team meetings with everyone to give updates and get feedback from employees.
  • Hold regularly scheduled conference or video calls with each location. Social media giant, Twitter, is a big proponent of utilizing video conferencing to communicate to distributed team members.

2) Use Enterprise Social Networking a.k.a. office chat apps

In today’s instant access society, it seems like everyone can access information on smart phones or tablets at the drop of a hat. Office chat apps, available for just about every device, allow teams to collaborate in forums, talk or talk one-on-one in real-time. You can check out The Huffington Post’s picks of the top 7 workplace apps here.

Hospitality groups can use these apps for the following functions:

  • Sending alerts
  • Creating an employee feedback forum
  • Updating project status
  • Staff and management communications
  • Scheduling meetings

3) Create Rotating Team Builders

It is management’s responsibility to make sure they understand they can accomplish this best as a team. One way to do this is to encourage team members to build relationships around the company and take pride in their locations.

  • Encourage each location to host a company-wide meeting or mixer at their facility
  • Create professional development series for individuals with the same job function at each location. Encourage them to discuss the learning and best practices on a regular basis.
  • As part of training for management create “day-in-the-life” training days where managers spend a day in housekeeping, front of the house, etc. to understand the challenges each of these teams face and how they can support their employees.

No matter which tactics you use to communicate to your multi-location teams, be sure it aligns with your company’s cultures and attitudes. A connected, happy team means better guest experience and a better bottom line for your business.

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