Does Your HCM Solution Measure Up? | Netchex HCM Software
Because antiquated systems, manual processes, and a lack of support just won’t do.
January 3, 2017

HR departments have come into their own. Emerging as an organization’s nucleus, this arm of a company is no longer considered paper pushers and payroll processing. Rather, human capital management (HCM) has elevated HR staff into boardroom decision-making, vocal participants in C-suite meetings, and have been put in charge of methodical systems central to a company’s success.

At Netchex, we are cognizant of the critical role an HCM solution has on a company’s success. And, we also recognize that no matter how sophisticated the technology, a product alone just simply can’t get the job done.

To have a significant impact on productivity and develop a successful partnership that manages your HCM demands, you need people. Much like your own business, without personnel to support automation and advanced capabilities, technology will fall by the wayside. Which is why we’ve built our company with equal parts innovation and dedicated service teams.

The Netchex Difference – 5 Pillars that Comprise Our (and Your) Success

1.Passionate Service

It’s no secret that our experts are HR powerhouses. But, they also excel in customer support. The fact is, our Net Promoter Score (NPS), a system that gauges customer satisfaction, outpaces the industry year after year. We’ve surpassed Quickbooks (Intuit), Paychex, and ADP – which is quite telling about our integrity. We don’t believe in overseas call centers or long hold times. There’s no scrolling FAQ’s or clicking all over the place to find what you’re looking for. That’s not going to help. Netchex provides personalized attention with people who are passionate about helping you succeed. When you have a concern, we listen. When you need direction, we offer options. Our dedicated account services teams specialize in individualized attention, they know you, and your business, and most of all, are just a phone call away.

2. Predictive Analytics

Smarter, more intuitive decision-making. Your company’s viability depends upon it. Real-time data. Simple, customizable reporting. Analytics your way. Netchex predictive analytics and robust reporting tools give you the opportunity to make better business decisions with ease.

3. 360 Degree Compliance

Leave the reporting, filing, and nitty gritty to us. Netchex is hands on so you can be hands off. Complete compliance means never missing a deadline, or running the risk of steep fines and penalties. We save clients millions of dollars each year. We’ve invested the time so you can focus on more important tasks. We pride ourselves on being the friendlier way to get these requirements checked off your list. From automated workflows to alerts and reminders, we always go the extra mile to keep your company in full regulatory compliance.

4. Employee Engagement

Inspiring teams and wowing clients. If we’re not doing this, then we’re doing something wrong. Netchex knows that HR’s role in employee engagement is more than just self-service features. We empower your staff by providing easy, online management of benefits, PTO, and employee information. With online forms, requests, and handbooks, plus scheduling and time management on-demand, collaboration between departments has never been easier.

5. Simply Powerful Technology

From hire to retire and everything in between. Your HCM solution should be just that…a solution – to complex business challenges and even future initiatives. Netchex award-winning employee life-cycle management platform evolves with the speed of innovation. Our powerful technology is made for the masses. We incorporate a user-friendly interface that provides powerful capabilities. Whether you need a full suite of HR services, or complementing technology to augment systems already in place, Netchex seamless integration is always accompanied by our friendly staff. The HCM technology you need now, the support you may need later on, and the capacity to grow when needed – that’s the Netchex difference.

When researching HCM service providers, employing a brand with limited capabilities and/or sub-par support can result in a breakdown of productivity – or as we call it – the kiss of death for a business.

Schedule a call with Netchex. Give us 15 minutes and we’ll show you what better, more effective HCM management can look like for your company. What you need is an integrated solution that empowers a team and revolutionizes an organization. And with Netchex, you get just that. Because anything less is simply unacceptable.

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