5 HR Capabilities You Need | Netchex Payroll Software
April 6, 2018

For small to mid-sized businesses, it’s not uncommon that an office manager or individual handling HR is overextended and encounters responsibilities outside their typical proficiencies. This is why you need an HCM partner, not a platform, to provide the support to help you concentrate on what’s really important – managing the people that drive success.

5 HR Capabilities You Need Right Now

1. Automated Payroll

While many will have you believe that a “set it and forget it” solution is the savior of the over-tasked HR administrator, it isn’t realistic – but you can come close. Automated, point and click payroll that runs with accuracy not only saves hundreds of operational hours each year, it also eliminates costly manual entry errors – a must for any small to mid-sized company.

2. Onboarding & Employee Lifecycle Management

A growing business must get new employees up to speed quickly. With little time to spend filing required HR paperwork, an online system that houses necessary forms in one place and filed with one click can be a life-saver. An intelligent system should push employee data from one service to the next and pre-populate payroll, time, labor and benefits information to avoid repetitive entries that can result in inaccuracies.

3. Compliance & Reporting

Got a business? Then you’ve got a lot of state and federal compliance requirements. This is where it can get complicated and time consuming for any HR administrator or office manager to avoid penalties. Waiting until the last minute isn’t an option. An intuitive system will help to ensure that required paperwork is completed and filed on time, while automated reporting capabilities will have data ready for end of year reporting.

4. Employee Self-Service

Eventually someone is going to want to take a vacation or buy a house. Point is, your employees are going to need to access HR from PTO requests, to payroll history, to benefits coverage to change of address, and they’ll be coming to you. Unless they have an online system that they can log in and retrieve this information themselves. On-demand accessibility through a unique login is not just a time saver, it’s now an expectation of today’s mobile and connected workforce.

5. Client Service

Intuitive automation will only get you so far. At some point, you’re going to have questions. An online FAQ or general call center number is not what you need. As a person wearing many hats for the organization, you don’t have time to deal with that. Individualized customer support should be an essential component of any HCM solution. You need HR experts at the ready to guide you through the process. You deserve a direct dial to the people who know your business challenges and can offer the insight and answers right then and there. Your company provides the highest quality service to clients, why would you settle for anything less from a partner?

Netchex is the leading HCM partner for small to medium sized businesses. We understand that HR functions are more than running effective payroll; it’s about managing your workforce and focusing on making your company a success. We offer flexible options including the services you need now, and the solutions that will grow with your business.

Talk to us to find out how to put Netchex to work for your company. Take a look at our full suite of HCM solutions that grow with your business, including payroll, HR, compliance, benefits administration, and time & attendance, backed by experts and the best technology in the industry.

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