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July 19, 2017

Got employees? Then you probably have an Employee Handbook (hint, it could be mean the costly difference between litigation and liability). While there are many variations of the Handbook, and it tends to be customized to your company, there are a few sections that should not go overlooked by HR.

5 sections to include in your employee handbook:

1. Code of Conduct

In this section companies address business hours and on time arrivals, specify dress codes, ramifications of excessive absences, and appropriate outbound communication.

2. Anti-discrimination Policies

This section, required by law, must include information about equality in the workplace relating to gender, race, disability, sexual preference, and religion.

3. Workplace Safety & Security

An outline of actions reprimanding employees for inappropriate behavior, and talking about harassment policies, and reporting procedures help maintain the well-being of all staff.

4. Technology & Social Posting

Today’s handbooks are wise to include guidelines for online usage, social posting, and viral references as it relates and represents the company.

5. Signature Page

How easily this one is forgotten. To make it an official document, a signature from both a manager and the employee acknowledging they have read the handbook content is a must.
It’s not uncommon that review and acceptance of an employee handbook is part of the onboarding process for new hires. However, an Employee Handbook is not a binding contract. It is kept on file, but in no way guarantees employment despite adherence to the rules and regulations.

As compliance changes and your company evolves, so should your Employee Handbook. Consider it a living document that should be reviewed by Human Resources annually and updated or adjusted as new legislation is announced and company policies change.

Netchex HR services help you create and customize an Employee Handbook. For larger, multifaceted companies with dispersed offices and workforces, multiple Handbooks may be necessary. Our library of resources for clients contain customizable templates and ideas to help you get started and implement the right Handbook for your business.

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