The Benefits of an Open Door Policy | Netchex Payroll Software
July 23, 2014

As a manager, supervisor, president, or CEO within an organization, it is highly recommended you have an open door policy with your employees. This means letting them know that you are always available to them if they have something they need to discuss. This can have a variety of benefits.

First, by making yourself accessible, you are helping your employees to feel more comfortable stopping by for any number of reasons, from a quick hello to a difficult issue. In general, this gives you a better idea of what is happening in the company on a daily basis, especially on those harried days when you find it hard to step away from your desk.

Second, an open door policy lets everyone know that you really care, and that you are both interested and engaged in the day-to-day operations of the company. Employees will be more likely to chat with you informally about things going on in the office, which will give you insight into their thinking and generate ideas for change or improvement.

Next, you will find having an open door policy means you will gain access to information more quickly. When the door to your office is literally closed, employees will assume you are engaged in an important task and will feel it is best not to disturb you, even if an urgent problem arises.

Finally, an open door policy helps to create a friendlier culture within your workplace. A closed door acts as a barrier between you and those working for you. If you avoid this, your employees will know that you are genuinely interested in them as human beings and not just about the job functions they perform. They will also feel that you are likely to be open and honest with them when necessary. Both of these things will increase morale overall.

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