Building Teamwork within Your Organization | Netchex HCM Software
September 11, 2014

As the saying goes, “Teamwork makes the dream work.” Employees who have a sense of unity and shared goals collectively possess the momentum your company needs to handle any bumps on the road to success and help you achieve your company’s visions with more speed and accuracy than ever before. Below are some tips for creating a culture of teamwork within your organization.

  • To properly set the tone within your company, Human Resources personnel should stress the value of teamwork right from the start at new employee orientation. They should also train employees on methods teams can use to complete projects efficiently.
  • Company executives and managers should utilize teamwork so as to become a role model for others within the organization.
  • Managers should relate tales to employees about times in the past in which teamwork was successful and what was achieved.
  • Managers should literally form teams of staff to accomplish tasks.
  • Group meetings are important. Managers should meet not only with the entire staff as a whole, but with individual teams to make sure things are running smoothly with their projects.
  • Make sure teamwork is publicly rewarded and recognized. This doesn’t necessarily need to be a monetary reward; it can be as simple as reserving five prime parking spaces near your building for the “team of the month.”
  • Have a performance evaluation system that places emphasis on teamwork. One such system, known as 360 degree feedback, allows an employee to receive feedback from four to eight peers, staff members, coworkers, and/or customers in addition to their direct supervisor.

Remember that teambuilding doesn’t always have to be about work. You can encourage connections amongst the staff by taking time out to lead them through icebreakers prior to a meeting, by purchasing tickets for everyone to visit a local ballpark, or by having a monthly pizza party.

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