How Netchex Can Help Hotels and Restaurants Overcome COVID-19

The hospitality and service industries are taking especially hard hits from the global coronavirus shutdown. Travel is restricted, while restaurants, bars, casinos, and most public spaces are having to close during this unprecedented time. Conferences, conventions, and other major events are being postponed or canceled. And with everyone being told to stay isolated, no one wants to be quarantined away from home—spreading the hurt and loss of business to hotels as well. 

While times are certainly tough, Netchex is in a unique position to help hotels, restaurants, and other companies in these industries through this uncertain time. Many of our services and tools are built with restaurants and hotels in mind, including ways to communicate with your employees, stay compliant, and efficiently handle turnover.

Here’s a deeper look into how Netchex can help the service and hospitality industries—especially hotels and restaurants—overcome their unique COVID-19 issues.


From hire to retire and paperwork to workflows, you can manage all aspects of the employee lifecycle and the accompanying information in one user-friendly, single-source platform. Additionally, you can automatically assign out tasks to employees (individually, team-based, or company-wide) to ensure important tasks are completed by the appropriate people and by the scheduled due date. 



  • Complete and file 1-9s, W-4s, and all state and federal forms
  • Sign paperwork electronically, such as non-disclosure agreements
  • Upload employee handbooks


  • Turn off employee’s access to company and third-party systems
  • Recover company property and assets, including computers, keycards, etc.

Hiring and Onboarding

  • Streamline the hiring process—from recruitment to onboarding—quickly and efficiently as soon as you are ready to start hiring again
  • Start onboarding new employees even before their first day
  • Consistent processes from location-to-location because tasks are assigned automatically

Emergency FMLA and Paid Sick Leave Tracking

Calculate and pay emergency leave wages in just a few easy steps to ensure all new federal regulations are followed properly and tracked correctly.

  • Simply enter the dates of leave for impacted employees and we’ll calculate daily hours, regular rates, and the available balance of leave to be taken 
  • Payroll process automatically populates hours and amounts of leave for each employee under the specified earnings code, as well as daily caps as outlined by the new law.
  • Using payment history from earning codes, Netchex is also able to track the tax credits related to the COVID-19 laws for our clients


Payroll paycards are a burgeoning alternative to more traditional forms of payroll payment, such as paper checks and bank direct deposit. There are several advantages for employers and employees who use this form of payroll payment, especially during a coronavirus-like event, including:

  • Employee payment is directly deposited onto a debit card
  • Cuts out employees having to visit banks and/or cash checking services
  • Immediate access to wages
  • No check-cashing fees
  • Full access to ATMs 
  • Reduces employees’ exposure to COVID-19 with a safe and secure cashless option

The service and hospital industries—including restaurants and hotels—have been highlighted as a primary field where paycards make the most sense. In fact, paycards can even give employees the option of having their tips sent directly to their cards along with their wages.

Employee Access

Netchex empowers your employees to manage their information without having to go through HR or their manager for access or updating. And with employees and employers constantly on-the-go, the ability to have everything you need via mobile access, no matter where you are, is vitally important. Give your employees 24/7/365 access to important files and information, including: 

  • Pay stubs
  • W2’s and other tax information
  • Easily update your emergency contact and other important personal information
  • Electronic access to handbooks
  • Detailed benefits summaries 

Click here for more information on these tools and solutions, as well as additional ways Netchex can help businesses like yours stay functioning and compliant with new COVID-19 laws.

Netchex remains fully operational through this unprecedented time. Our staff is hard at work for businesses like yours that are working diligently to remain in operation, adapt their policies, ensure the safety of their employees, and remain compliant with new COVID-19 laws. Netchex is here to help you accomplish all of this and more.

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