The Makings of a Great Employer | Netchex Payroll Software
July 15, 2015

Game rooms. The ability to bring your pet to work. A fitness center right in the office. Free lunches several times a week. All of these perks and more are being offered by companies both large and small in an attempt to increase employee engagement and retention. However, it takes more than free baseball tickets and Netflix subscriptions to make an employee feel connected to your company.

According to China Gorman, CEO of the Great Place to Work Institute, the creation of a great workplace fundamentally lies in “a culture of trust and engagement that unites management and the workforce in a common vision that’s not only about success, but that describes the type of organization an employer wants to be.” The following items are key to building a great workplace.


A great workplace features constant communication both among the employees themselves and between managers and their workers. Another key consideration is soliciting feedback. Workers need feedback from their supervisors and peers, and managers should seek constant feedback from employees.


The business owner of a great workplace can fully articulate the mission and vision of the organization in a way that helps employees see themselves as part of a greater purpose in life.


Everyone, from the CEO to cleaning crew, need to arrive to work each day with the intention of giving their very best efforts, with the understanding that they are an essential component of a team.


Leaders must be seen as accessible and approachable, as well as open to feedback. Leaders should also share information about company operations, including challenges as well as successes.


Employees should feel they are part of a company that looks out for its employees, and should also be able to view their coworkers as a sort of family away from home who will support them if they need it.

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