Features of Netchex human resources onboarding software
August 14, 2017
Pop quiz. Which of these do you agree with?
1. Technology never changes.
2. I don’t need to keep up with the technological advances.
3. Technology is always changing.
4. I need to keep up with the technological advances.

If you agreed with the last two statements, you are ahead of the game. Technology is always changing and believe it or not, you will always have to try to keep up. Yes, I know…It can feel like a struggle. For anyone who picked the first two statements, I wish it was that simple to avoid these changes at all costs too. It can get very overwhelming at times, but on the bright side, Netchex is here to help!

We are constantly improving our system, and sometimes even our technology changes so quickly it can be hard to keep up with all the new bells and whistles. That’s why we always offer live webinars, step-by-step instructions, and blogs on all our new product releases to make sure you are kept in the loop. But just in case you’ve missed a few, here are four lesser-known Netchex features that we think you should be using:

Paperless Onboarding.

Employee engagement starts with onboarding. Our 360°-compliant NetGuide system allows employees to access all their paperwork from a personalized portal. In a single entry, NetGuide automatically populates and pushes information though to payroll, benefits, and time tracking systems – eliminating the need for repetitive HR data entry and ensuring complete compliance across all your HCM solutions.

NetGuide takes HR onboarding to new levels with integrated, online form fill and submit features, e-Sign capabilities, storage for a comprehensive gallery of training videos, employee handbooks, and orientation materials. Employing NetGuide leaves you more time for meet and greets by sparing the labor-intensive workload synonymous with the onboarding process.

Total Compensation Statement.

Every employee wants to know they are valued. What if you could easily show them their worth to your company, beyond their salary? Most employees don’t ever really see all the benefits that they receive from their employer, but Netchex helps you brings this to their attention! You may be wondering, how our single-source system can bring this into clarity.
With Netchex you don’t have to gather data from payroll, taxes, and benefits to give to a 3rd party vendor. Since we have the payroll, tax, and benefits data all in one place, the total compensation statements stay up-to-date and available all year long. The total compensation statement shows the full picture of employee compensation including taxes and benefits cost. It also shows the breakdown of employee and employer contributions to benefits and taxes. The total compensation is calculated including employer contributions. Now your employee can see in black and white their true value to your company!


Have an early-morning or late-night question or want to see how others have handled a similar issue? Try NetCommunity.. Net Community is designed to allow clients to get the Netchex support they need 24/7. Through NetCommunity you can join discussion groups and suggest new software ideas. We are always looking to improve and you can help us by voicing your opinions!

Questions can also be posted and other users can answer so you have more than the support of the Netchex team, you have the support of the entire Netchex community. If your question cannot be answered, an HR professional is one click or call away. Whether you’re looking for the answer to a tough HR question, or looking for new tips on using the Netchex system, Net Community is designed for you.


With the election of Donald Trump, employers will likely face a higher burden to verify the citizenship of their employees. In an August 2016 speech, President Donald Trump indicated that he planned to work with Congress to strengthen and expand the use of the E-Verify system across the country. This burden could cause many problems including time wasted by trying to keep up with compliance paperwork and systems. Netchex can take this burden off your shoulders.
Netchex’s E-Verify solution seamlessly incorporates the form I-9 with the government’s verification program to ensure your company stays compliant. Netchex reviews the documents presented by the employee and verifies the information. The administrator just needs to submit the case. The file is then transmitted to U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services for review and is transmitted back to your user portal as a pdf with a case number and user instructions.

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